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Jess' Journey: The Journey To A Healthier Me

Jess’ Journey: The Road To A Healthier Me   

Weekly Weigh In Begins 

Well friends, it’s been about three weeks since I started my journey to a new and improved healthier me. I’ve had some speed bumps along the way but so far I’ve lost about 10lbs and I feel pretty good. Knowing that I’ve been losing weight has really kept me going. I’ve been tracking my weight loss with my awesome new scale from Maria Geronimo and Eat Smart.

My scale is here!
Yay new scale in the box!
My Eat Smart bathroom scale is awesome! Its sleek, easy to read, and accurate. I really like how simple it is to use; you just step on and boom there is your weight. A lot of digital scales are tough to use because you have to tap it then wait and then get on only to get an error message. I’ve never been able to use one right. Thankfully my Eat Smart bathroom scale doesn’t have these problems. Its so easy and quick and I'm so glad I have it.  

Ready to weigh in. 

Someone thinks the scale is a new bed.

 Maria and Eat Smart also sent me a body tape measuring tool to help me keep track of the inches I’ve lost. I haven’t been exercising much because I'm taking baby steps with this journey so I know my inches haven’t changed much. Once I start exercising regularly I know this tape measuring tool will really come in handy. My favorite part about it is the stopping function. Its just like a regular tape measurer so I can wrap it around and it stops where I need to, then when I'm done I just hold the retract button and it sucks the tape right back inside. There is even a little notch where you can put the one end of the tape so you can get the most accurate measurement.

Measurement Tool
Retraction Button

Little nook to hold the tape
If you already have a bathroom scale Eat Smart has a variety of other scales for you. Check out their luggage scales, kitchen scales, and other bathroom scales.  

 Want it? Buy it!
Go to Eat Smarts website and find the scale that is right for you! The Eat Smart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is only $28.95 with free shipping. Or find your Eat Smart scale on amazon.

Want it? Win it!
You can win your own Eat Smart scale by filling out the easy entry form below.

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Im Down: 10lbs

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  1. I'm not happy to see a "real me"

  2. Scare me? It's doesn't...it looks cool.

  3. Because I like to see good results, and usually that's not the case! Haha!

  4. I don't want to see what the results are when I step on the scale. That's why it scares me!

  5. Because I don't like to see the numbers go up.

  6. Because I get too hung up on numbers, rather than overall health.

  7. Because it forces me to face reality!

  8. It scares me because I need to lose some weight. Thanks for the chance.

  9. The scale scares me because I hate seeing pounds creep on.

  10. It scares me the way it slowly moves up even when (seemingly) nothing changes

  11. I worry about the weight going up! Even though I know it does fluctuate!

  12. I am afraid that I have relapse on my New Year's resolution and not making progress

  13. I don't like to feel ashamed just because of a number, but I fear one day I will step on a scale and it will read way higher than I expected.

    april yedinak

  14. All those big numbers are a reminder of what I need to do!

  15. I am sometimes afraid to weigh myself if I think the number on the scale will be higher than I want...but I have to face the truth!

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