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Get into the Fall Spirit with The Pickled Peanut (#Review & #Giveaway)

One of the fun things about decorating for the seasons, is that you can use fun colors and accents that you may or may not use in your home otherwise. Some folks like to play it up around holidays, using big, bold decor, and others like a more subtle style- laid back and rustic. I definitely fall into the more laid back and rustic category when it comes to my personal decorating choices, so when I look for seasonal decor items, I definitely want them to reflect my style and taste.

I thought that a Halloween or fall garland or banner would be really cute, but most of the ones I have seen in stores or online have been downright tacky, if you ask me. I was looking for something simple, yet elegant and charming for our little bungalow. I was thrilled to find The Pickled Peanut on Etsy, and connect with its owner, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a busy stay-at-home mom to two little ones, and loves to be active and spend time with her family. Elizabeth also loves to create and share her ideas through pouring her passion into her handmade items. We teamed up to share some of her oh, so adorable items here on MBP.

Here's what we got...

My items from The Pickled Peanut came packaged together, and wrapped individually.

The first item was wrapped in white tissue paper and tied up with twine.

I unwrapped the tissue paper to find this colorful bunch!

Elizabeth sent me her beautifully made Fall Candy Shabby Chic Rag Tie Banner, perfect to use for a fall decoration! I had already seen a photo of this in her Etsy shop, but I was eager to unwind it, lay it out, and really get a good look at it in person.

The Fall Candy Banner, stretched out on my dining room table...

The Fall Candy Banner is so beautiful, and I can see why Elizabeth calls it 'Fall Candy.' This is called a 'rag tie' banner, because it's made from 9" 'scraps' of fabric, which are tied onto the twine.The raveled look makes it perfectly shabby chic, a style which I absolutely love (sort of perfect for bungalow living, huh?).

I love the fall colors and the prints in these fabrics! There's a Chevron print in here, too!

The banner is seven feet long, which is a great length for use in a window, on a mantle, hanging over a large mirror, etc. The jute string or twine is easy to tie onto just about anything, and the banner itself is lightweight. I couldn't wait to choose a place in my home to display this adorable, festive fall banner. My kitchen walls are yellow, so naturally, I thought the kitchen would be a great place for the fall banner!

The kitchen window seemed like the perfect spot for this festive banner to hang!

I wanted to put the Fall Candy banner in a spot where it would really be seen, and since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and we have a single window over our sink, it was the perfect spot. I need to take those curtains down, because the prints clash a bit, but just so you get the idea... I quickly and easily tied the banner to the tension rod, and voila! Instant fall cheer and vibrant color in the kitchen! My mother-in-law has already seen the banner hanging in there, and she said she loved it, and thought it was a neat idea!

The banner is so cute, and I love that it's the type of banner that's perfect to use all season long. These banners can be purchased in a variety of colors, and Elizabeth can even customize a design to suit your needs. These are wonderful for decorating at home, weddings, nurserys, perfect to use as photo props, basket stuffers, they make great gifts, etc!

As if one fabulous item from The Pickled Peanut wasn't enough, Elizabeth also sent me some beautiful handmade fabric flower hair clips! Elizabeth makes these little lovelies for tiny babes, little girls, and big girls, like me!

Flower clips, all wrapped up...

How cute are these? I love the colors!

I love the fabrics used for these and the felt and button embellishments, too!

The clips are made to easily slide right into the hair, and I was anxious to see if they would hold my hair, which is super thin and very fine.

Here's the back of the hair clip, so can get an idea as to how the clip works.

Just give the clip a squeeze and slide into the hair...

...like so!

I wondered if I would feel too little girl-ish with a cute accessory like this in my hair, but to be honest, I don't. I still feel like me, just cuter! I have worn the blue clip three or four times already (I wear a lot of navy blue!). Sometimes I just use it to hold a small section of hair back, and others, I insert it into an up-do (which is so super cute!).

Hair clipped back...

Adorable accessory to add a little flair to an anytime outfit!

I haven't worn the the shabby chic white clip with pink and green yet, but I can't wait to show that one off, as well! These fun fabric flowers also come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be purchased as clips or headbands. The fabric flowers are gentle and won't irritate baby's head/skin.

Love these products from The Pickled Peanut? Then you'll probably love these, too...

baby headband, flower headband, aqua headband, chiffon flower, newborn headband, toddler headband, ruffle headband, photography, fall
Baby/Toddler Headband

Dahlia Flower Felt Hair Clips - set of 2, purple, pastel, baby, infant, toddler, women, girl, felt flower hair clip, summer, barrette, bow
Dahlia Flower Felt Clips

Coral Sea - Shabby Rag Tie Banner, Bunting, Photography, Garland, Party Decor, Birthday, Nursery, Wedding, Ribbon, Streamer, aqua, teal
Coral Sea Rag Tie Banner

Purple Passion - Shabby Rag Tie Banner, Bunting, Photography, Backdrop, Garland, Party Decor, Birthday, Nursery, Wedding, purple, yellow
Purple Passion Rag Tie Banner

Tickled Pink - Shabby Chic Rag Tie Banner, Bunting, Photography, Garland, Party Decor, Birthday, Nursery, Wedding, Ribbon, Pink, Gray
Tickled Pink Rag Tie Banner

Like what you see? Figured you would! These handmade items are made with lots of love! If you're looking for a special gift or photography accessory, or even a bit of decor for your home, nursery, the classroom, etc, you'll want to take a look at The Pickled Peanut on Etsy and look through all of Elizabeth's designs!

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Special thanks to Elizabeth at The Pickled Peanut for allowing us to review and share about her beautiful handmade items, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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