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Fashionably Fit with Zaggora #Review

Guess what's happened to me the past few weeks? We came home from our vacation with a huge case of soda cans, which have been slowly going from the pantry to the fridge to my belly. The truth is, I'm not really a soda drinker, and I know better than to have a soda a day! Consequently, my body isn't as tight and toned as it was a few weeks ago, and my schedule is tighter than ever! What's a busy mom who likes to look and feel their best to do? Pull out all the stops- with a little help from Zaggora.

A few months ago, I was proud to introduce MBP readers to Zaggora, a multi-functional activewear brand that's really getting people's attention. Zaggora has recently been featured on Good Morning America, and is taking the entire world by storm, thanks to their awesome clothes that burn calories! Zaggora founder Dessi was having a hard time fitting workouts into her daily schedule, and needed to fit into her wedding dress, so she solved her problem by creating Zaggora workout apparel that helps your body heat up and burn more! 

How does it work? Zaggora apparel is made with special fabric and heat technology that targets cellulite. Basically, these clothing pieces amp up your body temperature during your activity or workout session. You sweat more, and burn more calories... simple as that! I have two previous pairs of Zaggora Hot Pants- capris and shorts, and love/swear by them! Anytime I need to shape up, slim down or smooth out less than flattering areas of my body, I do a Zaggora two week challange. 

Zaggora High Rise HotPants Capri, Limited Edition Purple ($99.00)

Since I was already such a huge fan of and believer in HotPants apparel and technology, I couldn't wait to try out the brand new High Rise HotPants Capri, in the gorgeous Limited Edition Purple color, which I thought was perfect for the fall season. It will soon be too cool to wear shorts for walks/jogs, so the capri option is wonderful!

A little but more about why this model in particular is my favorite- The high rise feature of these HotPants is awesome! It's specifically designed to target the area of my body that I have the biggest problem with- my baby pooch! I had the flattest, nicest tummy ever, pre-baby, but ever since I became a mom, there's been no solving my stretched out belly problem. What's worse? Cellulite! Again, not a problem before I had a baby, but now, it's always creeping in! I don't want dimples in the backs of my thighs- I want smooth skin, and that's where the HotPants come in.

Me, in my new High  Rise HotPants Capri, Limited Edition Purple, after a workout...

The high rise capris come up mid-waist, so they completely cover my problem areas during my workouts. The special fabric of the Zaggora pants uses that thermocell technology to target those areas- to flatten and smooth. These HotPants, though the same size as my other pairs, fit a bit tighter, and I like that. I wear my HotPants when I go walking, when I do Pilates, when we go to the park, or when I'm busy, doing stuff around the house. I drink a lot of water when I wear these (and you should, too), because you wind up sweating (a lot), and you may not even realize it. Not to be gross, but when I peel these off after working out, my undergarments are drenched in sweat... which is what you want!

Like a glove... these fit so well, and they have a tiny flare (at least on me, they do) at the bottom. 

I love the way my skin feels after I've had my HotPants on. It's instantly smooth, and within just a few days, cellulite is less noticeable and the slimming is starting to take place! I'm a Zaggora fan, because I know their technology works well, and doesn't make outrageous claims for weightloss. The idea is to get you moving, feeling great, and if you get results of smooth skin and a toned tummy in the process, there's nothing to complain about!

Not getting fresh, here- just showing you this awesome pocket!

A Zaggora first: these HotPants feature a rear pocket, which zips closed and holds your smartphone! Finally! I am so excited to have a place to put my phone when I workout! I don't need a pocket, a tiny purse or cross-body bag- I just need this awesome pocket, which sits above the rump- so if you need to sit down, you won't be sitting on your phone!

The perfect workout pants!

There's nothing I dislike about my HotPants. I wear them for hours at a time, even after I have finished my workout, and sometimes I even wear them when I'm running errands. They're stylish, comfortable, and they get you all hot and bothered- burning more calories with every single step I take! 

Zaggora has so many great styles of tops, bottoms, jackets and more for both men and women! 

Zaggora Hot Top exercise top
Hot Top

Zaggora Full Body Blazer workout top
Full Body Blazer

Zaggora Slouchy grey workout top
The Slouchy

Zaggora Men's Body Blazer
Men's Body Blazer

We can't wait to show you what Zaggora has in store! If you're looking to boost your workout, or you need a little extra help getting a good routine going, start with Zaggora! Their apparel is well worth the investment, and perfect for every season! I'll be sporting my HotPants all fall and winter. If I keep them in sight, they help to keep me motivated. No getting soft this winter for this gal! Zaggora makes a great gift. and moms, if you've had the same issues that I've had with that baby pooch, I encourage you to try Zaggora and take a two week challange. You'll be glad you did!

Viva HotPants™ Green

Want It? Buy It!

Ready to get movin' with Zaggora? Head on over to Zaggora to browse all of their wonderful products and to see why everyone's talking about them and jumping onto the Zaggora bandwagon! If you've tried Zaggora, we'd love to hear your feedback! You can connect with Zaggora through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!

Stay tuned for another Zaggora review coming up in a few weeks from Steph & Adam!

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