Dry Night Challenge Accepted & Misson Accomplished with GoodNites

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Potty-training is not what most parents would consider an easy venture. We began potty training over a year ago, and our soon-to-be three-year-old son is finally making it through the day in big boy underpants, without accidents. We're a pretty active family, and we're on the go quite a lot, so when we started the potty-training advernture, we didn't want to feel like we had to change our routine- we needed potty-training to be worked into our everyday routine. When a mom-friend told me that I should expect not to be able to leave my house while we potty-trained, I knew that wouldn't work for us. We had to find helpful solutions that wouldn't hinder the actual potty-training.

Our son did well with potty-training for a long time, and we were even on the on the road to dry nights. Then, something strange happened, and B reverted back to having night time accidents, which was causing everyone to lose sleep (and made a ton of extra laundry for me!). We were offered the chance to take the GoodNites 3-Day Challange, and gladly accepted the challenge!

The GoodNites Underpants fit perfectly, and are in fun, kid-friendly designs. Our son feels like a big boy in his GoodNites Underwear, instead of feeling like he's a baby, wearing a diaper. We took a challenge when we were out of town, and staying the night away from home. We were happy to have the snug-fitting, yet comfortable GoodNites Underwear for Balian while we traveled. We didn't have to worry about accidents, and he felt confident enough to sleep in his own bed, without being afraid of bed-wetting. We were pleased to discover that B had zero accidents during the night, and everyone slept beautifully because of that!

Better nights are on their way! We never send B to bed without his GoodNites Underpants... even when he conks out like this, after dinner!

GoodNites Underwear has been a huge help to us, and we're very proud to report that we have had two straight weeks of dry nights with our son! We're glad to have GoodNites as our go-to nightime undrpants for confident, comfortable nights at home, and away!

Are you ready to take the GoodNites Challenge and put an end to bedwetting for good? Head on over to the GoodNites Facebook page, AKA- Mission Control to connect with other parents who may be experiencing the same thing that you are going through with your child. You'll be able to share your story, receive advice, ask questions, and more, in a private, trustin environment. You can also sign up to take the Undercover Mission online, to win weekly prizes!

Let's all take the GoodNites 3-Day Challenge together!

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