#DripKnots, because Getting Clean Shouldn't Be So Messy! (#Review)

How many times have you skipped washing your face before bed because it's too much work? All that water that runs down your face and arms. The face wash that seems to drip all over the place. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of washing my face if I'm not in the shower. I have a routine, but I know I need to take better care of my skin. So I started to wash my face at night, thanks to a revolutionary new product called DripKnots.

DripKnots - because getting clean shouldn't be so messy
What's DripKnots? DripKnots are two wrist bands and a headband, made out of terry velour, that cover your arms and head to keep them nice and dry while you wash your face. It's a really great concept, and something I've found myself asking, "why didn't I think of that?" But, Toni Jewell did, and it's quickly become a new favorite of mine..

My DripKnots are ready to be tested. Let's get to work!
When my DripKnots arrived, I was out of town, but my husband was at home and decided to open my package. He's like a little kid on Christmas, he just can't help himself! He called me and said, "You just got these fuzzy hair net looking things." LOL!!! I told him they are called DripKnots, and he could try it out if he wanted to! He's bald, so he's got no hair to protect! When I finally got home, I couldn't wait to try them out. The first thing I noticed is how pretty the Sweet Pink DripKnots pattern is against the white, terry velour fabric.

Sweet Pink DripKnots.

The head and wrist bands are incredibly soft, and have a large amount of stretch. I was worried that the headband wouldn't fit because I have such a large head, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit me. It fits securely around my head and it keeps all the hair out of my face. It also keeps the face wash from getting in my hair and making me break out along my hairline. The headband it pretty wide, so you don't have to worry about your hair getting wet.

Ready to try out my DripKnots Headband!

Headband on, getting ready to wash my face.

Now,on to my favorite of the DripKnots group, the wristbands. They are made from the same material as the headband, and have the same stretch to them. You wear them on your forearms, and it keeps the water from rolling down your arms as you wash your face. I can't stand when the water rolls down my arms and drenches the sink, floor, and everything in between.

DripKnots, Wristbands.

DripKnot Wristband in action. No wet arms here!

I've been using my DripKnots before I got to bed at night. I easily slip the headband around my neck, and pull it snugly around my hairline. There are never any gaps in the band, so I don't have to worry about an leaks and water slip through. And when I get splash crazy, because I can get a little carried away, I can count on DripKnots to keep my noggin nice and dry! Oh, and my arms are dry as a bone! There's never any water running down my elbows, or the backs of my arms. I can scrub away and get as clean as I want, and never have to worry about a huge mess!

Washing my face, my hair is still dry!

DripKnots is here to change the way you get clean, but don't just use them to wash your face. I've used my wristbands to wash dishes, and when I've bathed my dogs. It makes chores that involve water, not a chore at all. You won't be cleaning up a mess after you use DripKnots. Now, you may get a few stares, but you could wear the headband while cutting the grass, or playing tennis. I've never sweat from my head until this summer. It was one of the grossest things I've ever experienced. I've thrown on my DripKnots headband while in the yard or walking the dogs, and I'm clean and cool as a cucumber.

DripKnots has really changed my daily life. I use it every night, and have found several other uses for them. If you don't believe me, then Believe Bobbie Thomas on The Today Show. She named DripKnots one of her "Beauty Breakthroughs."

Want it? Buy It!

Interested in trying out DripKnots for yourself? Head on over to their website and see what all they have to offer. At $19.99, you can afford to order a bunch for your friends, you really can't go wrong. DripKnots is also socially fabulous, and would love to connect with you through their DripKnots page on Facebook!

I want to thank Toni Jewell for allowing me to review and share about her fantastic DripKnots.

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  1. Thanks for the glowing review Brittany! I'm so glad you love your DripKnots and have found so many uses for them.

    I would be happy to give a set of DripKnots away to your readers. Let me know when you run the giveaway!


    Toni (creator of DripKnots)


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