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Close To My Heart with Lucy #Review + #Giveaway

Close To My Heart and Studio J
Presented by Lucy Kelleher

Summer is slowly coming to and end and in a few more weeks, all we'll have is our pictures and memories. Im sure we've all spent the last few months taking tons of pictures and posting them to facebook or instigram but then what? Do you want to get online every time you want to reminisce about an amazing time in your life? No? Me either. 

My biggest problem is that Im not the most crafty person in the world and I just can't seem to get into scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can get expensive and not to mention, it takes a lot of time. So up until now I've been stuck being uncreative and posting my pictures to facebook in hopes that they will be around forever and others can get some enjoyment from them too. 

Thankfully, this summer I was introduced to a company that wants to help you keep those memories around for years to come in a creative and totally fun way! Close To My Heart is here to help everyone get into crafting, scrapbooking, and stamping. With 3 levels of products, experts and beginning crafters alike can enjoy something new. With Close To My Heart you can get stamps, Cricut cartridges, make custom scrapbooks, or just watch some really fantastic "how to" videos. 

I was lucky enough to work with Lucy Kelleher and Studio J, the Close To My Heart online scrapbook maker. Lucy gave me five 2 page layouts for an online scrapbook. The first step for my scrapbook was picking out the pages. I used some pre-made scrapbook page templates for my personal scrapbook, but you can create your own if you'd like. Then, I uploaded my pictures, and dragged them into place on my online scrapbook. After I got my pictures on the pages, I arranged a few things the way I wanted them. Finally, when I was finished with my work it was printed by Studio J. and sent to me within a few days. When my pages arrived, I got a cute inexpensive scrapbook at Walmart and tucked my pages inside the pockets. I now have an amazing scrapbook all about the first few years with my husband that was incredibly easy to make. I love it, and I wouldn't trade for the world.

Outside cover

Fill pages

Opening layout

Story builder

Loves and likes...

...more loves...

...and family!

If you want to be a crafter but don't always have the time, or you are a crafter and are looking for some new, great ideas. Close To My Heart, and Studio J are the places for you. You've GOT to check them out and play around! 

Want it? Buy it!
Just go to Close To My Heart and check out all of the awesome products and videos they have to offer. There is also a link on their page to check out Studio J. Enjoy!!

Want it? Win it!
As an independent consultant, Lucy is sponsoring a giveaway for three, that's right, three lucky readers! If you are one of those winners you will receive a free two-page layout from Lucy. Just use the easy entry from below. 

Good luck!

Special thanks to Lucy Kelleher. This was an incredibly enjoyable experience that I can't stop talking about. I was so lucky to work with you! I will cherish my book forever!

Close To My Heart

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  1. I enjoy painting projects and sometimes scrapbooking but it is super time consuming


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