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I've had best friends throughout the years, but there's been only one who has been always been there for me. It's my 8 year old Shorkie, Buddy. He's been my constant in an ever changing world, and I would do anything for him. So, I like to spoil him whenever I get the chance, and am always looking for new ways to spoil him! I see monthly subscription boxes everywhere, and think they are such a cool idea. I've been on the lookout for one for animals, but I had a hard time finding any. So when I was presented with the opportunity to review the BestFriendBox, I was ecstatic to be able to give Buddy something new.

BestFriendBox is a monthly pet subscription box service. For $30.00 a month, you'll get a box shipped directly to your door with all kinds of goodies for your fur baby. Your box will include natural treats, toys, and spa quality grooming supplies that your pet is sure to love. Plus, you don't have to worry about what's in your box, everything in your BestFriendBox is all natural, safe and vet approved.  Choose between Cat, Small, Medium, or Large Dog. If you order your box on or before the 15th of each month, you'll get your box that same month. If you place your order after the 15th, you'll get the box the next month.

Buddy's BestFriendBox has arrived!!
When Buddy's BestFriendBox arrived, he knew it was for him. I walked through the door, and he was all over the box. I opened it for him, because he is the biggest scaredy cat, and when
I placed it on the floor, he ran and barked at it! However, as soon as the box was open, his nose was in the box digging around to see what all was his! I had to quickly pull it away from him so I could see what was in the box, and snap a quick pic of all the fun surprises.

The box had a cute little note inside, detailing what was in this month's box. Buddy's box included 5 different items:

Dog Fashion Spa Paw Brush:
The soft bristles on the brush, exfoliate their paws to help clean away dead skin cells.

2- Bow-Wow Barkery Chew On This Beef Jerky-3oz:
This USDA lean flank steak jerky is from USA beef!

1-Bow-Wow Barkery Chew On This Chicken Jerky-3oz
Made with all white meat chicken solely from USA, and USDA approved.

Charming Pet Balloon Dog Toy:
This toy is eco-friendly, latex safe, hand painted and lead free.

Buddy couldn't wait to try out a treat. I had a hard time deciding if I should give him chicken or beef first, so I decided to give him a little of both. Some of the jerky pieces are a bit large, so I broke most in half. Buddy gobbled up the treats and was begging for more before I even had the packages put away. He sat by the pantry door all afternoon and whined whenever I walked by! I must admit, the jerky smells amazing and even made my mouth water!

Give me that jerky!
Buddy isn't a huge fan of his paws being touched. I tried to use the brush on his dirty little paws, but it ended up in a huge fight and I just gave up. I so badly wanted to be able to use this brush and keep his white paws clean, but it just wasn't happening. However, we just rescued a new puppy, and he loves to have his feet touched. I can't wait until it rains and I can brush off his little paws. I've been introducing the brush to him daily and run it along the pads of his paws. He seems to really like it, and lets me brush them for a few minutes until he decides he's had enough!

Checking out Squeakers!
Now, the charming Pet Balloon Dog Toy has been a favorite between the two dogs. They would even fight over the toy, we nicknamed him squeakers. Squeakers is so cute, but late at night, his high pitched squeak would drive us nuts! The dogs would both throw him around chasing after the toy and play tug of war with him! Squeakers unfortunately met his demise, and was found with a small hole near his behind! Squeakers no longer squeaks, but he is still one of our puppies' favorite toys.

Buddy guarding his toy!
 BestFriendBox, is one of the coolest monthly subscription services I have ever received.
 Buddy and Diesel have enjoyed this box to its fullest extent. It is a fantastic box and one that will please even the pickiest of pets! You won't be sorry you decided to order it, and your best friend will thank you! Oh, one lucky reader is going to win a one month subscription to BestFriendBox.

 Want it? Buy it!
 Do you have a best friend at home that would love this box? Spoil them by ordering a Monthly BestFriendBox for them. Make sure to check them out on Facebook to stay informed on their monthly boxes, and see some super cute pet pics!

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I want to thank BestFriendBox for allowing me to review their monthly box. It is such an amazing box, and my dogs are in love with it. Thank you for such an amazing box!


  1. My puppy would love the squeaky toy! He'd need the Medium Dog box

  2. I have 1 dog, a cocker named Guinness

  3. I have only 1 dog - an adorable cocker named Guinness

  4. I have a sweet Persian Cat named Moses, He loves toys!


  5. My baby would love new toys and some treats!
    Thank you for the giveaway(:

  6. Extra Comment: I have three Chihuahuas! Lila, Nutella and Rocky (:

  7. I have 1 best friend at home - Guinness, who is a cocker spaniel

  8. My dogs would love a plush toy and or bully stick

  9. Oh boy. I have a zoo at home. I have 2 dogs. Toby is a shih Tzu and Sushi is a peek-a-poo. I have 4 indoor only cats named Bubba, Little, Chester and Ryder. All of who are tabbys' except for Ryder who is a Tuxedo DivA! Finally, I have my nocturnal babies, Opi and Gia. They are sugar gliders. :)

  10. My doggies always want a biscuit so that would be what I think they want in a box. That and something that they can shake a lot.

  11. I have 4 and they all love treats of any kind, soft, hard, big small they love them all.

  12. I have 4 best friends, they are all pound puppy mix breeds: Patches, Lady, Cleo and Fudge (our only boy).


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