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**Since we at MBP like to bring an assortment of things to our readers, it makes sense that we offer a range of pregnancy and newborn items right now. We searched around for some of the best companies we could find and we have been blessed with some amazing products.**
As I have mentioned in other posts, I am a nursing mom and support other breastfeeding moms. My older two were exclusively breastfeed just past their first birthdays and I plan on doing the same with baby C. I could not have done this without some very simple products to make my experience easier and more comfortable.
One of those products is a nursing pillow. I rely completely on the pillow from the time they are born until they are weaned. You could say I am addicted to it. Now, I can nurse without it, but just don't like to or even try to. Like I said, I think I am addicted.
I have always used a popular brand nursing pillow and knew that we would be on the go with baby C a lot more than with the other two. I got nervous that I would forget my pillow and not be able to comfortably nurse baby C and decided I needed a second, easy to use alternative to what I had. I was in contact with a company who created some beautifully designed nursing pillows and they offered to let us review one--HOORAY! I knew I would never be without a pillow now.
Balboa Baby is a creation from mother/son team Shirley and Noel Pepys and Dr. William Sears (a trusted and well known Pediatrician and author of parenting books). Together they are designing and creating unique baby products that are fashionable, functional, and promote parent/child bonding.
I worked with Katre, who is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She made sure MBP would fit the Balboa Baby requirements and when we did, she let us know they would be more than happy to work with us and offer a giveaway. She quickly followed through with everything and before long I had a package at the door.
Our Balboa Baby package is here!
 Nicely tucked in a box, it arrived without any issues.
The Nursing Pillow is an awesome color, I love the geometric black and white print. Very fashionable, in fact the pillow comes in over ten print options. This is a great gender neutral option, which was perfect for us. The cover is easily removable for machine washing. Baby C is a spit up champ, so we need something that can be cleaned quickly and easily. This pillow definitely meets the task. The nursing pillow itself retails for $50 and you can by interchangeable slip covers for $10.
I use my Balboa Baby nursing pillow as my inside the house backup and my in the car pillow. I nurse baby C many times in the car throughout the week between drop-offs/pickups from school, daily errands, and sports practices and games. I really like the ease of the Balboa Baby nursing pillow. It has a contoured design, which makes positioning baby C so much easier. I just lay her down and she is ready to go. It is also no fuss, no straps or pads or buckles to get it situated, it just curves right around my belly. Both of these make it a great choice for our on the go life.

The nursing pillow is also firm, there is no slouching in the center or feeling soft and mushy. It holds baby C with just the right support. It also is just the right height to bring her right up to nurse, I don't have to hunch over to help her reach to eat. I also love that this pillow is Lactation Consultant Approved. I have used a Lactation Consultant with all three of my kids, the extra support and guidance they give is a must for all nursing moms, so if it is a product they like, it has to be good.

 Big thanks to Balboa Baby! I would be totally lost without my nursing pillows and my addiction continues.

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Is a nursing pillow in your future? If it is or other baby related products, visit Balboa Baby to get what you need. Find a store near you, click here. You can follow Balboa Baby on Facebook, Balboa Baby on Twitter, or Balboa Baby on Pinterest for ideas, photos, contests, and general information. You can also subscribe to Balboa Baby on YouTube for product videos and more.
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One MBP reader will win a Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow in your choice of print. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thank you to Katre and Balboa Baby!


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