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3 Ways to Keep the Family Healthy this Winter

During the winter months everyone, especially the children, want to stay indoors. Who wants to deal with the cold weather? Due to the cold weather, less sunlight, and other factors, it’s tough keeping your family healthy and active during the winter. Moms are always searching for ways to avoid colds, flus, and other common illnesses that plague children and families during the winter months.

Hope still exists to promote a healthy family during this time. Mothers are the innovators and movers in families. It’s up to them, with the joint assistance and leadership of dads, to institute an attitude of healthy active living twelve months out of the year.

The healthy eating doesn’t stop when foods go out of season. Sports don’t pick up in the spring. Less daylight doesn’t result in more television watching and video games.

Consider these three tips to create a healthier environment in your home this winter.

  1. Keep Your Children Physically Active

Childhood obesity exists as a prevalent problem in America. During the colder winter months, it’s more likely for children to stay indoors. There are tons of options for physically active fun that don’t seem to exist during winter.

Enroll your son or daughter in youth winter sports. Perhaps they like or will grow to enjoy basketball, indoor soccer, or even wrestling. If you’re far enough north with continual snowfall, then maybe snowboarding or skiing is the best fit for them. If this is the right route, then maybe take a look at freestyle snowboards that they can eventually grow into as they hone their skills.

A family ski trip may enter the equation as well. It’s always nice to stay physically active as a family. Remember that parents are always leading examples and role models for their children.

  1. Eating Right

Eating good fresh fruit and vegetables becomes a challenge during winter when most produce is out of season and needs to be shipped in from farther warmer locations. Families with tight budgets might be more inclined towards unhealthier eating since food prices rise.

A healthier you and family depend on your determination to eat right. The combination of healthy eating and exercise both contribute to a better family life.

There are ways to save money and eat healthy at this time of year. The first step includes making a grocery list. It’s the most basic rule of grocery shopping. Go to the store without a list and you end up spending more money and time at the store. You forget essential items as well.

You must become accustomed to reading multiple sales ads before traveling to the store. Involve your children with this step. Treat it as a game with a reward. Get them thinking in a thrifty manner to compare prices of competing stores with you. This helps to see the changing market, the cheaper prices and great sales, and it teaches children about the importance of smart informed shopping.

If produce prices continue to rise and not fall with sales, then invest in frozen fruit and veggies as well. This may not appear to be the best route, but you won’t have to worry about spoiling food while saving a little money to eat healthier. Steam those veggies and mix the frozen fruit with yogurt, oatmeal, and other healthier delicious combinations.

  1. Set Limits

In a world of technology, it’s hard to completely cut out television, video games, and movies from our children’s lives. Instead of trying to cut that out of your home, set limits. Perhaps put a parental lock on the television. Create a reward system that allows a certain amount of TV or video game time for homework or chores completed.

This teaches your children about creating a sense of balance in their lives and schedules that carries with them as they grow into adults. Plus, it’s important to promote mental health where there are moments to concentrate/study and other times to relax.

Abby Evans is a freelance journalist currently writing about family health and wellness in America. Connect with her on Twitter.

Image Source – nlm.nih.gov

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  1. Thanks for the information, this winter is supposed to be a cold one! I need to make sure I get my boiler inspected this year because last year we went without one for weeks, which isn't very fun when it's freezing out!


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