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Way Basics Storage Cube Plus Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a Storage Cube Plus from Way Basics. You may be asking yourself, what is Way Basics? Or, Where have I heard or seen them before? Way Basics, makes Sustainable Storage Furnishings. What that means is they take the paper you throw away, and turn it into creative, imaginative, fun, storage furniture. You may have heard of or seen them before, many television shows are singing their praises, and rightfully so. Way Basics, is unique, and a new wave of furniture storage.

When my storage cube plus arrived, I was surprised with how easy it was to put together. Like their website states, just peel, stick, and done. It was truly that easy and simple! The cube comes with easy peel 3M tape in on certain ends of the cubes. You just peel the tape off, and follow the easy to read directions, and stick the ends together. There are several pegs that you put into the sides to stabilize the cube, before you stick the sides together. Then put on the backing piece, and you're done! It is super important that you let the cube cure before you use it. Oh, and don't think you can't put this thing together, it comes with very detailed, easy to read instructions. It's fun for the whole family to put together!

 Getting Ready To Put It All Together
 Easy To Read Instructions

Putting The Pegs In

Almost Done

Once I had let the cube cure, I went through the house looking for the perfect place to use it. Since my storage cube is dark blue, I decided it would look great in my spare bedroom, since it is painted nearly the same color. I set the cube on the side table to add extra storage for my guests. I love how it doesn't take up too much space on the table, and it doubles the storage capacity of my table. My guests will be thrilled that it is portable and they can place it anywhere in the room for extra storage.
Completed Cube
I think at some point I may cut out small holes in the back of cube, and let my guest use it as a charging center. I can quickly add a power strip and guests will be able to add all of their devices and keep them stored in one central location. Oh, if in the future I decide that I don't want to use it on my table, and need more storage, I can easily add more cubes. That's right, you can add as many cubes as you want, and make any shape you want. Make a tall bookcase, or stack them into a pyramid. Anything you can imagine, you can build! That is so cool!

Extra Storage On The Night Table
Here's another great thing, it's back to school time. Way Basics would look so cool in your college door room, or new apartment. There are so many different things to chose from, your back to schooler is bound to find something to fit their ever changing style. Redoing a kid's room? Let them pick out some cool new storage furniture, and let them customize their room. Way Basics furniture is affordable and it is very sturdy. Not at all like other cheap options at the big box stores, you know your money is not going to be wasted when you purchase from them! These storage cubes are built to withstand all your everyday storage needs.

Quad Cubby Organizer Green
Quad Cube Green

 Z Board Floating Wall Shelf

Three Cubby Stackable Storage Bench
Do you need other storage options? Way Basics has so much for you to choose from. I'm in love with their Madison Bookcase, and I have the perfect spot for the Triple Cube Plus near my back door. Way Basics is changing the way I think about my storage needs, and I'm sure once you discover them, you'll rethink your storage needs!
I want to thank Way Basics for allowing me to review their Storage Cube.



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