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MBP's Back to School Blast

As a busy work at home mom, whose family is always on the go, I make an effort to try to teach my son as much as possible, wherever we may be. At home, we have days where we do really well, squeezing in story time, an art project, learning games, etc. Then there are other days, when as much as I try to get it together and stick to an educational at-home routine, it just doesn't happen. We also spend a great deal of time traveling, taking day trips and running your average daily errands, which means that teaching/learning opportunities need to be portable.

Great gift ideas at UncommonGoods

Since 1999, UncommonGoods has been bringing consumers high quality, uniquely designed products, at affordable prices. Two of the world's greatest treasures, creativity and expression, shine through all of the available products from this popular e-commerce company, making it the perfect place to find out of this world unique gifts, home decor, children's products and more!

I was fortunate to be offered an opportunity to work with UncommonGoods as part of our Back to School Blast. UncommonGoods has a fantastic selection of toddler toys, which include some really neat educational toys and games. You can view the entire collection of kids toys and games, here.

UncomonGoods sent us a fabulous package...

The mystery revealed- we chose to review the a to z Magnatab for ages 3+

Our package from UncommonGoods was well protected during shipping, and the actual product was wrapped in paper, which we were happy to see, so it could be recycled! We're all about being eco-friendly, when possible and I was happy to see that UncommonGoods is, too!

The Magnatab was nicely packaged in its own box...

The Magnatab was also packaged in plastic to give it extra protection in the box.

The a to z Magnatab is a cool educational toy for kids, which helps them learn to write their letters. We have been reading to Balian since he was a baby, so he recognizes his letters and numbers without much of a problem. I haven't worked a whole lot with him on writing before now, because I felt that I needed a good teaching tool. Magnatab makes teaching Balian how to write his lowercase letters a lot of fun for him, and a bit easier on me.

Balian, eager to see what his new Magnatab is all about...

Magnatab is a plastic tablet that can sit on your child's lap, or on a tabletop. It features all twenty-four lowercase letters, in a large, easy to read print. Each letter outline contains small holes or dots, for the child to trace with the magnetic pen. The tablet features numbers and arrows, so it's easy for the child to know which direction to start from when tracing the letters.

Magnatab surface, featuring lowercase letters...

As the pen is tracing the letter outline, small magnetic beads pop up into the holes. This is wonderful, because it's a lot of fun for the child, but it also teaches them to make a complete letter, without leaving any spaces or holes!

Magnetic beads pop up from within the Magnatab, as your child traces the letters...

An easy to grasp 'pen' with a magnetic ball on its end is easy for little ones to grasp and hold while they 'write.'

Balian thinks that his new Magnatab is so cool, and he's definitely feeling more like a big boy, now that he's learning how to write his letters. He has been asking to use his Magnatab off and on for the past several days. He's used it independently, and with help from mommy and daddy. I am working hard with Balian, to make sure that he understands how to start at the right place, follow the numbers and the arrows, and make a complete letter.

Balian, practicing his letters with the a to z Magnatab...

After all of the letters have been traced, you can simply turn the magnetic pen to the other end, and push the little beads back into the tablet. Magnatab can be used again and again! The tablet also self contains the magnetic pen, so when you're done using it, it can be pushed right into its slot at the bottom of the tablet. I love this feature, because it means that there's less of a chance that the pen will become lost, as things like this often do.

The Magnatab houses and stores its own pen... just put it back when you're done with it!

We've been using the Magnatab at home, and it's also been wonderful to take with us in the car! It's a wonderful teaching aid, and a super fun and unique learning toy for Balian. I like that it hardly makes any noise, which is a nice change from some of the toys we're used to taking on car trips!

As a parent, I give the a to z Magnatab two thumbs up, and the MBP Mommy Seal of Approval! This is wonderful for kids ages 3-6, and will give them the confidence to begin writing! To my surprise, Balian asked me to help him write his name on the bottom of his coloring page yesterday, and we practiced until we got it right- just like he did on the Magnatab!

Check out some of the other cool products available from UncommonGoods...

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I can't wait to do some of my holiday shopping at UncommonGoods! All of my friends and family members have unique and different tastes, and I am already seeing some great gift ideas at UncommonGoods! They'll be so surprised by some of their gifts this year!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find this product and many other wonderful educational gifts, home decor, personalized products and much more at UncommonGoods! You can also connect with UncommonGoods through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own a to z Lowercase Magatab! What a great prize to jump-start learning for your child this school year! Just use the simple Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Open to US residents, 18 and older!

Special thanks to our friends at UncommonGood for allowing us to review the Magnatab and for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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