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The Pampered Chef with Kim-July Spotlight Sponsor

July Spotlight Sponsor
One of my favorite home party shows to go to is The Pampered Chef. I love seeing all the new products and envisioning them in my own kitchen. I won't lie, I am not an inventive cook in the kitchen and usually stick to what I know, but the lure of fun products from The Pampered Chef always has me dreaming to be better.
One of our fabulous Spotlight Sponsors is Kim Getchell with The Pampered Chef. She is just the person I need in my life to help me in my kitchen.
The Pampered Chef has been around since 1980, when it was founded by Doris Christopher. They are the premier direct seller of high quality kitchen tools for cooking and entertaining, with a sales staff of over 60,000 consultants worldwide.
This was not my first time working with Kim (she also sells Scentsy-you can check out my review of that here). Kim is very friendly, knows her products, and provides great service to her customers. You may have been to a Pampered Chef party before and know what kind of quality products and helpful consultants you will run into. My experience with Kim was nothing short of my usual Pampered Chef experiences-THANKS KIM!
 My Pampered Chef package is here!
A clearly marked box is always nice to see, no mystery packages here.

Safely packed for transport
Inside the box I found this great bag filled with goodies. 
This muslin gift bag is really nicely decorated and totally reusable.
Clearly labeled on the back of the bag are 4 Itty Bitty Bevs
Here is the whole set of 4 Itty Bitty Bevs, along with a set of 20 party napkins. This is the perfect little party bag-drink mixes and napkins, just add a few more things and you have a girls night all set. This set retails as a package for $34.50 or purchased individually for $8.50. Each mix can be made with cold water or alcohol of your choosing.
Isn't this a great set? Read below to see my favorite! 

Cosmo Drink Mix
I love fruity drinks and a Cosmo is just the right touch of cranberry and lime to hit the spot. I love the color, the taste, and the smell of this mix. I tried it on the rocks, but would imagine frozen would be even better. The box contains a 4.9 ounce mix to make 16 (4 ounce) servings and only about 30-100 calories (when following package directions)!
Margarita Drink Mix
Yum! Margaritas are delicious and a perfect drink to have with some chips and salsa. I love mine frozen with a garnish of salt around the rim-yum! This mix has a great lime flavor, perfect for a tropical summer feel! The box contains a 5.1 ounce mix to make 16 (4 ounce) servings and only about 30-100 calories (when following package directions)!
Appletini Drink Mix
Martinis of any kind remind me of my Gram, she was a straight Gin Martini drinker and would never believe all the flavors out there today. I myself need some flavor and what better than apple. This mix uses the Granny Smith (one of my favs) and would be great for a summer day. This box contains a 5.2 ounce mix to make 16 (4 ounce) servings and only about 30-100 calories (when following package directions)! I prefer this drink on the rocks, but can be frozen too.
Cucumber Mojito Drink Mix
I am not a huge Mojito fan, but this cucumber and mint combination smelled refreshing and crisp. I could envision myself lying back and relaxing at the pool, maybe with a little rum added in. The box contains a 6.3 ounce mix to make 16 (4 ounce) servings and only about 40-90 calories (when following package directions)! You can make it frozen or on the rocks, whatever your preference may be.
Since I am not drinking alcohol these days, I made all of my drinks with cold water and lots of ice, but I know they would be just as tasty (maybe more) with a touch of adult beverages added in.
My favorite was:
The Cosmo!
Some of my all time favorite Pampered Chef products
Some Pampered Chef products I would love to add to my collection
 Want It? Buy It!
Check out Kim's personal website with The Pampered Chef to see all of the amazing products available. Now is a great time to Host your own show or look into Joining for even more great products.
Thank you to The Pampered Chef with Kim for the Itty Bitty Bevs!

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