Tasty Tuesday Recipe Share: Kid Friendly Banana 'Sushi' #recipes #earthfare

I'm really starting to love Tuesdays, because I get to share some really neat recipes with you! This week, we're sharing a really fun healthy meal or snack idea from one of my very best friends, Veronica Butler. Veronica works for Earth Fare, and was featured on the local news in Greenville, SC last week in a segment on healthy eating, and kid-friendly back to school lunch and snack ideas. 

Check out this awesome idea for kid-friendly 'Banana Sushi'...

Balian was so excited that he got to see 'Aunt Vern' on TV, and he asked if we could make her banana sushi, sans bananas. We put our own spin on this tasty treat, since no one in my house really likes bananas.

We took a plain tortilla and spread peanut butter on one side, and sprinkled it with dried cranberries.

Then, we rolled it up...

...and sliced it!

A yummy peanut butter, cranberry roll-up!

This healthy treat is wonderful as a quick breakfast, or an anytime snack. I prepared this while I prepared our lunch one afternoon, and then packed it into a plastic container, and left it out on the counter so we could snack on it in the afternoon. Having this snack ready to go, kept our hands out of the cookie jar or potato chip bag! Since everything in the roll-up was shelf-safe, I didn't even need to refrigerate this. You can feel good about packing a snack like this or a lunch box treat for your kids this school year, and know that nothing will spoil.

Make it, slice it up and eat it, or pack it up for later on!

Of course, there are lots of variations on this treat. We've also done this with raisins, and every now and again, we crush up some pretzels and sprinkle that over the peanut butter with a few chocolate chips. Mmm!
I love having this as an afternoon snack, because it's light and healthy, and even packed with a little protein... a great power snack! Serve it up with a glass of milk, and you'll be good to go, 'til dinner time!

Special thanks to my pal Veronica for sharing this great kid-friendly recipe! 
Don't forget to check out Earth Fare!

Have you ever tried making a snack like this? If so, how have you made it?

Come back next Tuesday for another Tasty Tuesday Recipe!

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  1. Well,that was so easy-- and it looks yummy-- so I'm gona show the kids so they can make them their selves== thanks

  2. This recipe is so cute. I would use the bananas on the peanut butter. We all love Bananas. This would be one of those fun treats for my Grandchildren!! Thankyou for sharing!

  3. Love the idea. Wonder if it would help me get my fiance to eat more breakfast too. He does not eat breakfast usually.

  4. I think this is a cute idea that kids would love! Haha, and my hubby who won't eat real suchi.


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