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Summer is Sweet & Refreshing with Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups! Review & Giveaway #brewcrew

MBP's Summer Splash

There isn't much more that I love during the summertime, than a nice, refreshing iced coffee or tea. A chilled glass of coffee is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, a great beverage to serve when you have company, or unexpected pop-in guests, or a quick drink to take with you when you're on the go. I loved iced coffees and teas, but haven't been drinking them in quite a while, because they can be a pain and quite time consuing to make at home, and they're crazy expensive if purchased from a coffee shop!

Thankfully, the Keurig Brew Over Ice Crew is here to save the day, and reunite iced coffee and tea lovers (like me) with the easiest prep and serve options available! Now, Keurig owners can quickly and easily make their favorite types of iced beverages right at home! I was lucky enough to receive a fun summertime Brew Over Ice Brew Crew Kit for review, and I couldn't wait to try some of the Brew Over Ice options!

My package has arrived! I can't wait to dig in and get brewing!

Wonder what's underneath all the tissue paper?

I was excited to find some awesome goodies in my review package, like a handy Brew Over Ice Bucket, with LED lights, a Brew Over Ice tumbler with two straws, four Brew Over Ice coasters, and three coffee and tea K-Cup samples.

Does this look like an awesome package, or what?

I couldn't wait to have some guests over to enjoy the ice bucket, with the coasters, but in the meantime, my son thought they were pretty snazzy! Since I am such a big iced coffee fan, I couldn't wait to pop a K-Cup into my Keurig brewer and give one a try! 

Mmm... Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee, Vitamin Burst and Snapple Tea!

I wanted to try the Sweet and Creamy Regular Iced Coffee first, so I grabbed my K-Cups, my new tumber and headed into the kitchen. I filled my tumber with ice, and popped the K-Cup into my Keurig Brewer. I used my Keurig, just like I normally would. The water heated and the coffee brewed, just like ususal, except that it immediately cooled off, because there was ice waiting to meet the hot liquid, once it hit my tumbler.

My Keurig Mini Brewer is ready to go! Let's make some iced coffee at home!

My tumbler, filled with ice...

Once the beverage was cool to my liking, I added a cold splash of my favorite creamer, a gave it a twirl in the tumbler, using my straw. I took a swig of the coffee, and it was true love at first sip! I have yet to meet a K-Cup coffee flavor that I didn't like, and this one was right up my coffee-loving alley! I felt like I had just dropped a few bucks at the coffee shop for this tasty treat, but I checked my wallet, and my singles were still there. Say what? That's right- I'm my own barista, in my own kitchen, thanks to my Keurig and these awesome Brew Over Ice flavors!

Yummy! This is what I call Iced Coffee!

The Vitamin Burst: Strawberry Pomegranate and Snapple Peach Iced Tea

I used the Vitamin Burst and Snapple Peach Iced Tea K-Cups the exact same way as the Iced Coffee K-Cup. I simply brewed these over ice in my tumbler (a regular glass will work fine, too!), and sipped a very tasty afternoon away! I love peach tea, so the Snapple flavor was pretty near perfect to me. The Vitamin burst was very refreshing and flavorful, and I'm glad that I was able to sample it, because I probably wouldn't have picked up a whole box of it, just to try it.

No use trying to work in the afternoons without my Sweet and Creamy Brew Over Ice Coffee!

Never again will I be late to a meeting, just because I had to wait in the drive-thru line at my local coffee shop, so I could have an iced beverage in hand at the meeting. Hey- you need something to sip during all of those awkward moments, am I right? I can show up on time, and still be armed with my fabulously delicious iced coffee or tea, that I brewed right at home, with my own Keurig!

Want to Get in on the Brewing Action?

Head to the Brew Over Ice website to participate in the awesome Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes that's going on right now! You could win instand daily prizes, or the grand prize of $10,000.00! I sure would love to win that! Plus, you can play lots of fun games that are sort of addictive... why not play them while you take your iced coffee or iced tea break? You can also download a $2.00 off product coupon and watch the cool Brew Over Ice video!

Brew Over Ice is cool, so naturally, they're pretty social. Connect with them on...

Want It? Win It!

One cool MBP reader will win their very own Brew Over Ice Prize Pack, just like the one that I received for review! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the Brew Over Ice team for allowing me to be a part of their Brew Crew and for offering this fabulously sweet giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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