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Roll into the New School Year with Creative Play Toys from WOW Toys #Review and #Giveaway #WOWToys

MBP's Back to School Blast

Wow- it's already time for kids to load up their pencil boxes with fresh pencils and crayons, and time for moms and dads to think about packing lunches and how to be supportive with homework help. I won't lie... I'm not there yet, and may not be for another year or two, because my little guy isn't quite three years old. We're working up to Pre-K, though, and we'll be heading back to Weekday Church School one day a week with all of our pals this September. For us, a lot of learning happens in the home, which is why I aim to have the best possible educational toys on hand for my busy little man.

WOW Toys

If you've been an MBP reader for a while, you've probably seen WOW Toys featured on our blog a few times. We're proud to be WOW Toys Ambassadors on MBP, because we think their toys are the neatest, most fun toys in the world for kids ages 1 1/2 - 5. We were first introduced to WOW Toys last summer, and we've really come to love this fantastic UK based children's toy company, who makes it their priority to provide children with safe, quality toys that are adorable, durable, and don't require batteries!

WOW Toys has won numerous awards, and we've recently seen some of their toys pop up in some stores we love here in the US (yay!). In the past, we've had the pleasure of reviewing Flip and Tip Fred, Ronnie Rocket, Dudley Dump Truck, Harry's Animal Rescue Helicopter, Robbie Racer and Ernie the Fire Engine. We've got quite a WOW Toys collection, because they're just that wonderful!

Police Patrol Pals

We were given the opportunity to review one of WOW's brand new toy sets- the Police Patrol Pals. Balian has been extremely interested in rescue vehicles lately, so this duo seemed like a fabulous choice! I couldn't wait to see these rescue pals in action, at our house!

Our Police Patrol Pals package, being ripped open by a very excited litle boy...

Balian is always very patient to sit and wait while I snap a product photo, before he destroys the box. As I took a picture, Balian said, 'Wowee, wow, wow! Are those for me, mommy?' My heart melted a little bit when he asked... such a sweet little boy!

The Police Patrol Pals, ready to be opened and played with!

I love the packaging of the WOW Toys. Their boxes are bright and colorful, and they have a whole lot of information for parents on them, like what they toys can do, what types of skilles your child will use and develop as they play with the toys, etc.

Police Patrol Pals
Police Patrol Pal Plane (with officer and dog).

Police Plane Pete is pretty neat. His motorized action works the propellers, and there are three secret compartments to hide things and keep them safe in! 

Police Patrol Pals
Police Patrol Car (with officer and dog).

Police Chase Charlie is pretty cool, too! He also has a motorized design, which allows him to rush to the rescue! He makes realistic engine sounds (which Balian loves!), the roof flips open, which allows B to plop the officer into the car, and then he can push the car to make it speed off to help someone in need!

I really love that WOW Toys decided to make a few fun duo toy sets. Balian has a few of their larger vehicles, and these smaller ones are a wonderful addition to his collection. Each toy was packaged individually, inside of one large box. Each of these toys came attached to its own scene, which you can hold onto (we have all of the ones that have come with our other WOW Toys), and build little cities with! They provide a fun background for your child's creative playtime.

Police Patrol Car, still attached to his scene...

Police Chase Charlie, ready for duty!

Police Plane Pete- ready to take off!

Officer Foley and pal Buddy...

Balian seriously couldn't wait for me to remove Police Chase Charlie and Police Plane Pete from their packages, so he could play with them! As soon as I handed them over, off he went with these new friends. He zipped through the house, and back to his bedroom, where I found him digging his other WOW Toys out of the toy box. Soon, this Police Patrol Duo, was reunited with their WOW Town friends, and the city was just buzzing with excitement!

And he's off- to find the other WOW Toys!

Balian, playing with his entire collection of WOW Toys!

One of the things that's really fun about these toys, is that they all have their own names and personalities. Balian is doing so well, playing independently, and I love finding him in his room , playing with the WOW Toys, and making them converse with one another. This is part of the social interaction development that these toys are designed to aid and encourage in ages 2 1/2 +. 

WOW Toys has an incredible collection of fun learning toys for kiddos, like...

Bathtime Friends
Bathtime Friends (look like so much fun!)

Pippa’s Princess Carriage
Pippa's Princess Carriage

Mix ‘n’ Fix Mike
Mix 'n Fix Mike

Sunshine Explorers
Sunshine Explorers

WOW Toys are so much fun for kids. These are Balian's favorite toys (and seriously- the kid has a lot of toys!), and the ones he plays with multiple times a day. Whenever we take a trip, one or two of the WOW pals come along. Harry Copter came with us to the mountains a couple of weekeneds ago, and I have a feeling that the Polica Patrol Pals will be going to the beach with us! These toys are beautifully made (our friends always comment on how neat the WOW Toys are). I know that these toys will one day be enjoyed by a little brother or sister, and we'd love to be able to share them with cousins, too!

Consumer_Fold_inside_outlines MAX COLOUR-IN
Free WOW Coloring Pages in theWOW  Kids Zone!

Want It? Buy It!

Ready to dive into the world of WOW Toys? Discover the entire toy collection on the WOW Toys website. There are colorful product photos, information for parents, toy profiles, a cool WOW Kids Zone, Parents Zone, and so much more! Have a visit to their site with your kids... they'll want to add some of these friends to their Christmas list!

WOW Toys is very social- just like the pals they've created, and they'd love to connect with you on...

Construction Crew

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their choice of a WOW Toys Duo... choose from Sunshine Explorers, Construction Crew or Police Patrol Pals. Giveaway is open world-wide to ages 18 and older. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at WOW Toys for allowing us to experience yet another wonderful set of new WOW Toys friends, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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