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Perfectly Posh Spotlight Sponsor #Review

It's been really cool around here lately so it doesn't feel like the end of summer but some of you lucky folks are actually getting warm weather and that makes me feel better telling you that its time to show some skin! If you're lucky enough to be getting some natural color from the sun and want to keep your summer glow looking beautiful, or you're like me and aren't getting much sun and would like to look like you are check out the Hot Bod Bronze Summer Set from Perfectly Posh!

Bonnie Dodge
Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Bonnie Dodge

Our always delightful spotlight sponsor and Perfectly Posh consultant, Bonnie Dodge, sent me my own stick of "The Big Beach" all summer lip bronzer. Not only does it smell good, but it makes my lips look amazing! Its got a fantastic shimmer and great color. I was a little worried at first that it would give me giant brown lips but I can't believe how natural it looks! "The Big Beach" contains sunflower, shea butter, rosemary, and titanium dioxide to save your lips from the harsh sun, leave them soft and silky, and give them a great sun kissed look. Totally an all year long product! 

If you're looking for that beach bod all year long, check out the rest of the Hot Bod products available from Perfectly Posh. Keep your all over tan looking perfect with "Bring On The Sun" bronze boosting stick. Or, try "Sun Glow"after sun body aloe and shimmer lotion. I love the shimmer lotions from perfectly Posh! They are super sparkly without making it look like you just got done with a night of clubbing.

While I have your attention readers, I'd like to remind you that school is getting ready to start in most places if it hasn't started already, and I know as a teacher a lot of parents are looking for a simple back to school gift for their child's new teacher. Perfectly Posh has a great idea for that gift! Check out the "Apple Of My Eye" teacher bundle featuring apple sugar lip scrub and apple bominator. 

It sounds like the perfect gift for this teacher!

Want it? Buy it!

Perfectly Posh has SO many awesome products that you just have to try! Along with their tons of other products, the entire line of Hot Bod products are avaliable from Bonnie and Perfectly Posh. You can buy each product individually or buy it as a set for $39. Id suggest them all! Check out Bonnie's Perfectly Posh website and start that end of summer shopping, or find Bonnie on facebook

Special thanks to Bonnie of Perfectly Posh for sponsoring this awesome review! Look for yet another poshtastic product from Bonnie in September!

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