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I can't believe that the kids in our area will be going back to school in the next two weeks. Everywhere I go, I am seeing signs for Back to School deals and special sales. Balian will be headed back to Weekday Church School with his friends in September, and I definitely want to make sure he's got his own super cool kid style going on, so he doesn't wind up wearing a carbon copy of the pal sitting next to him at the snack table.

A few months ago (seems like just yesterday, really), I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Klever Kids, and fabulous line of kids clothing, made from quality materials. Balian has been wearing his first Klever Kids outfit all summer long, and every time he sports his Klever Kids shorts, I fall in love with this company all over again! Reasons being, his shorts are so soft and comfortable- he never complains about wearing them, and the length is perfect! He can wear his shorts through the fall season, until it becomes too chilly, before he outgrows them!

You can catch my first review of Klever Kids, here, where you can learn more about this wonderful company.

I really wanted to be able to share about Klever Kids yet again, because it's Back to School season. If you've been looking for must-have, simple solutions for your child's wardrobe that wear well, are durable, easy to clean, comfortable, and that they'll just plain love, read on, my friends!

Our fall package from Klever Kids...

The fine folks at Klever Kids sent us a colorful package, perfect for those last weeks of summer, as we head toward fall. In North Carolina, we're actually seeing temperatures starting to cool, but we wear shorts and flip flops with light hooded sweaters and jackets until mid-to late October, or until it gets just plain cold. So, I knew that another pair or comfy toddler boys shorts with a cool long sleeved, lightweight jacket would be a great fall wardrobe combination for Balian.

Boys Cargo Shorts, in Red (Size 3T)

I went ahead and went with another pair of the Klever Kids Boys Cargo Shorts. I selected the red color, because it's a great color for summer, and fall, and goes with a lot of other colors, like brown, black, orange, navy and white. These drawstring shorts feature a giving waistline and two handy cargo pockets. Balian loves these shorts, and he feels just like daddy when he wears them, because of the cool pockets! These shorts are made of 100% pima cotton, and you can tell the difference as soon as you touch them! They seriously feel as nice as silk against the skin, and won't bunch, rub or irritate!

The Klever Kids Boys Cargo Shorts are a great length for my tall toddler!

There's a whole lot of give in these shorts, so kids can move freely while they play...

Super soft and comfortable, these shorts are well worth the money! Balian never wants to take them off after he puts them on!

The Boys Cargo Shorts are available in red, cobalt (blue) and black, and run from sizes 2-8. I love having more than one pair of these for Balian, because it keeps him happy, and it means that I have to do laundry less often!

Boys Zipper Front Cardigan (shown here in a size 8)

I was so excited to receive the Boys Zipper Front Cardigan for Balian! This cozy navy blue jacket features a zip-up front, and is lightweight. There are elbow patches in a coordinating red color, to the red on the jacket print and the red in the boys cargo shorts. A perfect match! Sadly, there was a bit of mix-up on our sizing request, and we recived a size 8, instead of a size 3, so it's too big for Balian to wear right now. We're going to hang onto it, though- because he'll grow into it soon enough, and there's nothing wrong with having a seriously cute (I mean cool) boys jacket like this on hand for fall football games, spending days at the park, and oh yeah- cool nights out on the beach!

Like the cargo shorts, the boys jacket is made from 100& pima cotton- so soft, light and comfortable. I couldn't imagine Balian having a single thing to complain about if he could wear this jacket. Heck, I'd wear it if they made it in my size!

Boys Wardrobe Builder

One of the things that I really love about Klever Kids, is that they take the guess work out of putting a wardrobe together for your little guy or gal. They offer Wardrobe Builders, which you can order in the size you need, including items like undies, t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, etc.

Klever Kids has some wonderful must-have pieces for both boys and girls this fall season. 
Here are a few of my favorites...

Girls Jacket
Girls Jacket

Girls Wardrobe Builder
Girls Wardrobe Builder

Boys Knit Polo
Boys Knit Polo

Boys Sweater
Boys Sweater

I think you're going to want to check Klever Kids out for yourself. Trust me when I say that you'll be able to see and feel a difference in the quality of their clothing for kids as soon as its in your hands. I am looking forward to adding more and more pieces from Klever Kids to Balian's wardrobe, because I know that he's comfortable in their clothing, and he can go about playing, learning and having fun with his friends and teachers this fall. If you're looking for comfortable, stylish, durable clothing for your kids, Klever Kids is the place to start!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Klever Kids to purchase any of the above featured items, plus many more! I'd definitely recommend checking out the Wardrobe Builders, and even considering gifting one to little guy or gal as they head off to start the new school year! Save 20% off your order when you use the code 'MOMMYS' at checkout through Sept. 1st!

Klever Kids is social, and they'd love to connect with you via social media through

Special thanks to our friends at Klever Kids for allowing us to review another fine Klever Kids outfit, and for sharing this special coupon for our readers!

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