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Juniper Box: A Smarter Way to Manage Your Period #Review

I just finished reading The Red Tent, a fabulous book about women from the tribe of Jacob, in biblical times. The book gives readers an inside look to what it was like to be a woman in that particular time period, particularly around the rites and rituals of womanhood, and what it was like in the red tent- where women spent the days they had their period. They pampered each other, told stories, ate sweet cakes, and relaxed for those several days, and it got me wondering- maybe I've been looking at my period the wrong way, for the past sixteen years.


A modern day woman with the knack for business also saw a woman's monthly cycle as a special time. Lynn Tao wanted her daughter to be able to have a beautiful experience during her period, so she put together a special box to present to her daughter, filled with special items like teas, soaps, sweets and feminine items. Then, Lynn wanted to all women to be able to feel loved, pampered and prepared each month for those special few days, so she set out to make this special package available as a monthly subscription box, called Juniper. Each month, your hand-selected feminine items, plus tons of treats and goodies are delivered right to your door, taking the guess work and last minute drug store runs out of the picture!

I was lucky enough to receive my very own Juniper Box for review, and couldn't wait to see what it would hold!

My Juniper Box...

My Juniper Box was beautifully packaged. I already felt special, just having opened it. On top, there was a letter from Juniper CEO and Founder, Lynn Tao, explaining about the box. The contents of the box were wrapped in blue tissue paper.

Pretty packages inside of my Juniper Box...

As I lifted the paper, I found three pretty little packages inside of my Juniper Box. Two little drawstring bags, and a small box. I couldn't wait to see what was inside! Plus, there was a lovely, round slice of wrapped soap, hypoallergenic, inside of my Juniper Box, which I couldn't wait to use!

Pretty soap, in my Juniper Box...

In the tiny gold drawstring bag, there were 'backup' supplies for my period. When I filled out the order form (online) for my Juniper box, I specified that I like to have a little backup protection (as I normally keep on hand at home, and in my purse). I was informed that I would receive a mix of pads and liners, which I did... plus a couple of individual packages of Midol!

Just the right amount of backup supplies to get me through a few days!

I was also able to specify that I wanted to receive tampons when I ordered my Juniper Box, and I was even allowed to select the brand I preferred out of the brands that were available to choose from. When I opened the tiny box inside of my Juniper Box, it held all of the tampons I would need, some of each size, and it included a color coded guide, and safety information, which is very important (especially if a young girl was receiving this as a gift).

Feminine supplies for the whole week!

What a wonderful idea!

The Juniper Box not only had the supplies I would need for the days of my period, it also contained some special treats. I don't know about other women, but I absolutely want to eat everything in site a few days before my period arrives, and I crave everything from sweet to salty foods. There was a pretty organza bag in the Juniper Box, which had a little brownie tucked inside of it, with Key Lime cookies, dried fruit, tea bags and honey sticks!

Special little sweet treats bag in my Juniper Box...

Gluten free brownie- yummy and healthy for all!

Variety of teas...

Dried fruit and cookies...

The Juniper Box is a fabulous idea! I have reviewed a lot of great subscription boxes, but I have to say that this is one that I actually want to subscribe to, personally. My husband thought this was wonderful, too- because he wasn't having to pick up supplies for me at the store, bake brownies for me at ten o'clock in the evening, etc. I had everything that I needed for the duration of my period, plus a few extra things. These treats from the Juniper Box did make me feel special and pampered, just as women should during this time. I am learning to look at this time each month as a special time, where I can relax and take some time for myself, instead of treating it like a huge life interruption.


Want It? Buy It!

The Juniper Box is a wonderful value! For just $28.00 monthly, you can subscribe to this useful box, and have everything you need for your period, delivered right to your door! Select from your favorite tampon brands, whether or not you prefer backup pads and liners, etc. 


Special Offer for MBP Readers!

MBP readers can receive their first Juniper Box for 50% off (wow!) by mentioning MOMMY'S BLOCK PARTY at check out! Don't miss out on this special deal! This is a great opportunity for you to be able to try this service for 1/2 price!

To learn more about Juniper Box, head to their website! You can also connect with Juniper Box through social media on Facebook and Twitter!

Special thanks to Lynn and all of our friends at Juniper Box for allowing me to experience this wonderful subscription service, and for offering our readers this special deal!

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