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GoodNites Underwear Prevents Bedwetting Mishaps and Help Everyone Get a Good Nite's Sleep!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't think I've slept through an entire night, without being woken up by my child, since he was born. As a new mom, I expected to be woken up often by my newborn, but as he began to grow, and started to go through potty training, I figured I would be in a place where I'd be getting some decent sleep again. Boy, was I wrong!

When your child is little, and in diapers, the night-time waking sort of stops, unless the child is upset. Once we had our son potty-trained, we were met with a whole new problem- nighttime bedwetting. We rarely got to sleep through the night without accidents, and stripping beds- sometimes even our own, after our son had crawled into bed with us. Putting a mattress protector on the bed and hoping for the best wasn't a good enough solution for us, and something had to be done.

We were so excited to be introduced to GoodNites. Their absorbant underpants are made specifically for children (ages 4+), who are past potty training, out of diapers and experience nighttime bedwetting. They are made to offer protection while the child is lying down, while still being comfortable.

We received a package of GoodNites to try out, and agreed to take the GoodNites 3-Day Challenge. My son was excited to try them, and loved the fun Spider Man design on his new GoodNites underpants. He gave me zero problems about wearing them to bed. The GoodNites pants looked comfortable, they felt soft, and they had plenty of room, yet fit securely. There are no tear apart sides to these pants, so there's no chance of them coming apart or undone in the child's sleep.

Balian, in his GoodNites Underwear before bed.

The GoodNites pants work just like regular underpants, and can be pulled down by the child, easily, and pulled right back up, if they wake to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. We had Balian try the GoodNights for one week, and we were thrilled that he didn't have a single bedwetting accident. There were a couple of nights where he would have had an accident, had it not been for the GoodNites Pants.

A great fitting solution! These underpants aren't too tight or too loose!

In the mornings, Balian's skin wasn't irritated, or chaffed, which I was glad to see. He looked forward to putting on his GoodNites pants as part of his bedtime routine, and still does! We love the GoodNites Pants so much, that we have kept using them and will continue to do so, until the possibility of bedwetting is gone for good.

Want to Take the Challenge?

Head on over to the GoodNites Facebook page, aka- Mission Control, to connect with other parents who are facing the same types of bedwetting issues with their kids. Read about their experiences, and share your own. Sign up for the Undercover Mission for your chance to win weekly prizes!

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  1. I am super excite to say that we no longer need these! My four year old hasn't had an accident in about 7 months (she stopped just before we had her little sister!) Yay only buying "diapers" for one!

  2. I think that all kids with bedwetting problems should be offerd some protetion from pampers size 7 or goodnites or youth diapers i helps to keep beds dry and keep self enstem up becuse thay can be decret and keep acedents hiden away from people that could make fun


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