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Glide into Fall with Glide Bikes (Review & Giveaway) #glidebikes

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Surprisingly, it's cooling off a bit these last few weeks of summer here in the Carolinas, which is wonderful, because it means that we get to spend a little bit more time outside. We've been hitting the kiddie pool, the sandbox, and we've been having a blast watching Balian try out his brand new big kid bike!

glide bikes logo

I am so excited to introduce you all to Glide Bikes, a North Carolina based company that offers various amazing balance bikes for kids, ages 18 mo - 10+ years. Glide Bikes are different from other bikes for tots. Children learn how to balance themselves on these easy to use gliders, because there are no pedals, and no training wheels.  Taking away the usual bike features, like the training wheels, chain, pedals and gears, make it easy for children to learn how to balance themselves and transition to a traditional bike when they're old enough and have a bit of riding experience under their belts.

We were very blessed to receive an opportunity to work with Glide Bikes and to be able to select a Glide Bike for Balian to try and enjoy. I didn't tell him ahead of time that he'd be getting a new bike. I couldn't wait to surprise him with the Glide Bike!

Our Glide Bike, in its shipping box...

Glide Bike in pieces, in its box (yes, obviously, assembly required, folks.)...

We chose to review the Mini Glider in green, which is suitable for ages 2-5. Balian will be three in October, so this was the best option for him, and something that he'll still be able to enjoy for a couple of more years, before he outgrows it. My husband is the master at putting things like this together quickly, and correctly, so I sort of sat back and watched him do the hard work, while I sipped my coffee.

The Mini Glider, in pieces on the floor...

Though the Glide Bikes Mini Glider came to us in pieces, it took less than thirty minutes for my husband to put it together. Everything he needed to assemble the bike was included, and the directions were clear and concise. The hardest part of putting the Mini Glider together, was keeping Balian out of daddy's way until it was completely assembled. Who could blame him? He was so excited!

Coming together... Balian waits patiently as daddy works to put the Mini Glider together.

Balian thought the wheels were super cool, and he couldn't wait to touch them!

After hubby got the wheels on, it was time to add the finishing touch to the Mini Glider... the bell! This is technically an add-on, because it has to be purchased separately on the Glide Bikes website, but the Glide Bikes team let me know that they'd be sending a bell for Balian to enjoy. He immediately discovered how it worked, and happily sang, 'Da-ding, ding... da-ding, ding!'

Daddy, adding the bell to the Mini Glider.

Features of the Mini Glider

The Mini Glider became available in 2012, and is available in several colors. This Glide Bike is just the right size for kiddos, ages 2-5, and can support up to 100 lbs of a child's weight. The seat  and handle bars can easily be adjusted to the right spot for even the youngest riders. Since there are no pedals, kids push off with their feet, and can touch the ground with them at any time. This feature definitely helps kids feel more in control of their bike, since pedals can be very confusing to young riders. There is also a unique foot peg, which allows riders to rest their feet on the peg bar as they glide. This can easily be adjusted and locked into place or removed without any tools required. The Mini Glider also has a kick stand, which is super helpful!

Patented Slow Speed Geometry for slowest speed balance bike
Sized for ages 2-5 with inseam of 12-19." (pant size 2T-5) (Sizing Info)
Child's weight up to 100 lbs
Lightweight at 8 lbs. for safer maneuvering
Durable, alloy frame featuring mountain bike geometry
Quick release seat clamp allows easy height adjustments from 11-16.5"
Durable 12" EVA foam tires never need air

Balian couldn't wait to get outside and try his new bike out. We grabbed his new helmet and headed out to the backyard to do a little practicing. I am way too overprotective to let him ride in a driveway, before he really gets the hang of riding the Mini Glider. If by chance, he were to fall, at least he's fall in a soft, grassy area, rather than on hard cement.

And he's off!

Completely fearless on his new Mini Glider, Balian made several loops around our yard...

It'll take Balian a little time to get used to his new Mini Glider, but he really loves it. We made a lot of starts and stops, but he never really lost his balance or tipped over with the bike, nor was he afraid to stop and try again. It'll be a while before he glides and uses the foot peg, but that's totally okay... every child goes at their own pace with the Mini Glider, and that's one of the things we really love about it. Balian had a blast zooming around the yard, ringing his bell!

Check out Balian in action...

*Just a safety note- please make sure that your child has a helmet on when they are riding and gliding. Safety first!

The Mini Glider really is a handsome green color, and a very smart-looking bike. I love that we'll never have to worry about the tires going flat, because they are foam tires, which don't require any air. The Mini Glider doesn't take up a lot of space. We can store it in our large deck box, or on our back porch. It's the perfect size to stick in the car to take over to grandma and grandpa's house, to the park, on vacation, etc. We're hoping there will be enough extra room to take it with us to the beach!

The Mini Glider by Glide Bikes... a great choice for little riders!

Along with the Mini Glider, Glide Bikes has some other wonderful bikes that we recommend checking out...

12" Orange Ezee Glider Balance Bike
EZee Glider (18mo - 5 yrs.)

16" Pink Go Glider Balance Bike
Go Glider (5 - 10 years)

18" Silver Super Glider Balance Bike
Super Glider (for older children and adults)

White Glide Bikes Helmet
Kids Helmet (Ages 2-9)

*Replacement parts and accessories can be purchased directly through the Glide Bikes website, and there are several helpful assembly instructions on the website, plus a ton of helpful videos for assembly and repair on YouTube.*

I can't remember the last time Balian had so much fun just playing outside. He certainly seems to not have a care in the world when he's on his Mini Glider, which is what childhood is all about! I am so happy that he has a wonderful new bike to learn how to ride on, and that we'll never have to deal with training wheels, and making a scary transition from a training bike to a big kid bike. The Glide Bike is a smart, safe bike for kids to start out on, and we highly recommend these bikes to our readers! We give Glide Bikes two thumbs up, and our MBP Mommy Seal of Approval!

Want It? Buy It!

You can learn more about Glide Bikes and the above mentioned products on the Glid Bikes website. Be sure to take a look around and read more about why Glide Bikes are so wonderful! Round out the summer and glide into fall with your kiddos... with Glide Bikes!

Glide Bikes is social and would love to connect with you through...

12" Red Mini Glider Balance Bike

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Mini Glider in their choice of color from Glide Bikes! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, in the contiguous US, 18 and older.

Special thanks to our friends at Glide Bikes for allowing us to experience the fun and thrills of their wonderful Mini Glider, and for offering this cool giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. This would be a wonderful product to win as it is easily transported from child's house to grandma's.

  2. favorite color's gotta be red

  3. I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space.


  4. I like that you don't have to worry about the tires going flat or needing any air!

  5. I think my grandson would like Green the best!

  6. I love that it teaches kids to ride without traning wheels

  7. Heather Hayes PanjonAugust 19, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    The Foam Tires Are A Cool Feature That I Like!

  8. So easy to ride that you do not need any training wheels, that's a plus!

  9. I would like a green or blue bike I think.

  10. Does it have pedals? Or is it more like a riding toy that looks like a bike?

  11. I like that it has Durable 12" EVA foam tires never need air & that it holds up to 100lbs.

  12. i love that its customized sized for ages, like my 2 year old daughter. and i love the colors:)

  13. I like that it has somewhere safe to put their feet when they get going

  14. I like that it is so easy for even younger kids to ride.

  15. Low center of gravity and low balancing speed.

  16. My son would love blue or green. jj250@aol.com

  17. I really like that the tires are foam

  18. So cool that there's no pedals! These are awesome!

  19. My son would like the blue one.

  20. Lots of grandkids who will visit more if we win this glider. Thanks.

  21. Oh my favorite feature is that they have foam tires so they never go flat! That is so neat!

  22. Oh I think Carter would love the Blue Mini glider!

  23. I like that the seat and handle bars can be adjusted.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  24. We like the orange one!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  25. The tires don't need air!!

  26. i cant believe your child can learn to ride a bike withut training wheels and also how compact it is


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