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Get Personal as the Kids Go Back to School, with #FreckleBox (#Review and #Giveaway)

MBP's Back to School Blast

The school buses are buzzing up and down the streets of our neighborhood today. All I can think of is happy kids, nervous parents and eager teachers. When I was little, I remember loving the first few days of the new school year. Not only did I get to make new friends, but I got to see all of the neat stuff that some of the other kids had brought with them to school, to help them feel more comfortable. Now more than ever, parents are looking for personalized products for their children, and boy, have we found some cute stuff!

We were lucky enough to be able to team up with FreckleBox this back to school season, and I've been pretty excited about it! FreckleBox is a web based company that offers affordable personalized gifts for kids. The company was founded by two dads- Mark and Steve, who owned a printing business together. Their kiddos were the inspiration behind the idea for FreckleBox, and now parents, grandparents, family and friends all over have a one stop shop to visit for all of their gifting needs for kids. FreckleBox makes it easier than you could ever imagine to personalize a special gift item for a special boy or girl!

The FreckleBox website

I was excited to work with Mark, and was given a $40.00 credit to the FreckleBox store to shop with. I had so much fun looking around at all of the items I could have personalized for B. Since he's still pre-pre-K, I tried to find some items I knew he'd love that we could use at home, or on the go. I started off by clicking 'Boys Stuff' on the home page, and was met by some really cool race car themed products. I quickly and easily made my selections and personalized my items for my son. The FreckleBox site is so user friendly that anyone and everyone will have no trouble using it!

Yay- our FreckleBox package is here!

I was impressed by and glad to see that our FreckleBox items were well packaged, and the box it all arrived in was even stamped with FRAGILE stickers. Every now and then the delivery folks actually notice these Fragile stamps and stickers and they place the boxes on my front porch, rather than toss them.

B's personalized FreckleBox items, all wrapped up.

I couldn't wait to unearth our FreckleBox review items. I specifically selected each of the four items chosen for my son for specific reasons, and to tie in with our Back to School feature.

Each product we received was individually wrapped in the box, for extra protection and to prevent scratching.

When I was browsing the FreckleBox website, under the Stuff for Boys section, I noticed that they had an entire category of race car themed items that could be personalized. This was wonderful for several reasons... B loves race cars, and we just did a Disney Cars/Race Car bedroom makeover for him this summer, so these items could serve a dual purpose.

Race car placemat from FreckleBox

I loved the Race car personalized kids' placemat as soon as I saw it. A big, red race car is depicted, racing down a road, against a black and white checkered background. The number on the car was 95, which is Lightning McQueen's racing number from the movie Disney Cars. I was able to personalize this item with Balian's name, and I even got to preview what the finished product would look like after the personalization, before I decided to order it! I love that feature!

Balian's new placemat, with some of his favorite pals...

B insisted that we display the new race car placemat in his room, before supper time. He thought this was the coolest race car he'd ever seen, and it was even cooler because it had his very own name on it! B couldn't wait to zoom to the table for dinner to eat with his plate on top of his new super cool placemat! Hey, anything that gets the boy to the table at meal time is a winning product, in my book!

Enjoying a little lunch with some pretty cool table accessories...

The next item I selected for Balian had me very excited. FreckleBox offers personalized coin banks, and they had one available in the race car theme. I have spent months searching high and low for a safe coin bank for my son. He has a collection of coins that he saves for rides in the $0.25 race cars at the mall, or for a lollipop treat, and also has some birthday card monies that I've been trying not to misplace! I personalized the coin bank, just as I did the placemat, and again, was able to preview it on the FreckleBox site before ordering. I loved how it looked, and couldn't wait to present it to Balian!

Metal race car themed coin bank, wrapped up...

Balian was completely thrilled to have his very own bank for his coins! We dumped them out of the plastic container we'd been keeping them in, and they covered the coffee table! I smiled from ear to ear, as I listened to B nearly count to thirty as he dropped his coins into the bank! Now we have a kid-friendly coin bank that's functional and educational, and matches the race car themed room! We've been having a lot of fun counting and sorting the coins (right now, we're learning how to count by 2's), and it's a great Pre-K activitiy for parents to do with their kids.

The race car coin bank looks great on the bookshelf in B's race car bedroom!

Next up, we have a personalized coloring book! There were a whole bunch of different coloring books to choose from, but to stick with an age appropriate item, I went for the personalized Alphabet Coloring Book. This cute coloring book is personalized with B's name on the cover, and at the bottom of every coloring page.

Is this cute, or what?

Balian's very own alphabet coloring book!

The coloring book also came with a pack of four crayons, and a certain little boy I know couldn't wait to start making some marks in this crisp, clean coloring book!

Coloring the morning away... B is for Bear and Balian!

This is definitely one of those things that I am constantly putting into my 'mommy bag' so we have it when we're in the car, at a restaurant, and even at church. Balian loves discovering his name on every page every time he opens this coloring book up!

Picture of Starline Train Stickers
Personalized Train Stickers

We also received a set of personalized stickers for B, with fun train designs on them. They're nice, big round stickers, which are perfect for use at home, placing on an art project, sending with a piece of snail mail to a loved one, or using as a label. Of couse, Balian loves stickers, so it was only natural that he's love these cute ones with his name on them. You've got to check out the selection of personalized stickers for kids from FreckleBox, though! There are so, so many designs to choose from- you'll want them all, if you're anything like me!

FreckleBox has a huge variety of products for boys and girls! There are lots of neat items for back to school and to have some fun with at home, too! Check out a few other products we'd love to have from FreckleBox...

Picture of Blast Off Yubo Lunch Box - Blue
Personalized Yubo Lunch Box

Personalized Chore Charts for Kids
Personalized Chore Chart

Picture of The Hairy Dogmother Book
Personalized Storybook

Picture of Mermaid Growth Chart
Personalized Growth Chart

Whether you're looking for some special personalized items for your kiddos as they head back to school this year, or you're looking for unique personalized gifts for kids, FreckleBox is the only place you'll need or want to shop!

Want It? Buy It!

To purchase any of the above featured photos and many more, please visit FreckleBox. You'll find a world of personalized items waiting for that special little person in your life! FreckleBox is social and would love to connect with you on...


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One lucky MBP reader will win a $40.00 FreckleBox Gift Code to use toward whichever products they'd like! Just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Mark and the team at FreckleBox for allowing us to experience their wonderful personalized kids items, and for offering this fab giveaway for our awesome readers!

Good luck!

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