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Classy, Sassy and Comfortable Summer Style with Every Step #TheraFit #Review + #Giveaway

I love summertime for lots of reasons- the beautifully warm weather, flowers in full bloom, days spent by the lake with friends or at our favorite beach, and even last minute picnics and cookouts. One of the other things that I love about this time of year, is that I get to wear sandals a lot more. I am a huge fan of wearing sandals, and even in the fall and winter (because I don't like wearing closed-toed shoes at home), I wear sandals or flip flops in the house. There's just one problem... my favorite sandals (which I've had for about ten years) are super flat, and offer very little support. For an active parent, who spends a lot of time on her feet all day, that leads to poor posture and all sort of aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

Thankfully, Therafit is providing moms like me lots of support! Therafit shoes are a lifestyle product, devoted to supporting overall wellness for women. These wonderful shoes were co-developed by Dr. Lisa Masterson (you know her from NBC's 'The Doctors' on daytime television). Dr. Lisa is well known OBGYN, offering her best advice to women everywhere, and practicing in her own community. Therafit shoes are designed to be comfortable and stylish, and meant to be worn for hours of work and play, while supporting the body.

I was so excited for the opportunity to select a pair of Therafit Sandals to review this summer! I still have several weeks of warm temperatures left to wear sandals, before it cools off here in the Carolinas, so I chose a stylish and comfy looking pair- the Tiffany Sandals in black.

Happy day! My Therafit sandals have arrived!

When I opened up my package from the fine folks at Therafit, I was so surprised to see that my review package was wrapped, just like a present! It made me feel so special- like I was truly receiving a wonderful gift, rather than just opening up 'work stuff.'

My prettily wrapped package from Therafit...

...complete with a handwritten note. Thanks, Therafit Team!

I opened up my nice little present, and found a cute shoebox, with the Therafit logo. I felt like a child... I was so excited to see what these sandals looked like in person, and to try them on to see why everyone else has been raving about these shoes!

My Therafit sandals in their shoebox... with sizing info on the outside.

I love the bold colors and the design of the box!

When I opened up the shoebox, I found a nice Therafit reusable tote bag, with a tag, featuring Dr. Lisa! I knew the sandals I chose were underneath, and I couldn't wait to see them! I was so looking forward to trying on a comfortable, stylish sandal for day or night!

Therafit Tote Bag in the shoebox!

The Tiffany sandals by Therafit are a classy, sassy, supportive bejeweled wedge sandal, perfect for wearing with a casual outfit during the day, or for dressing up! The unique design of these sandals are what I love most. Not only are they beautiful, they feature so many wonderful things, which I'll get to in a second. First, take a peek at my sandals!

Tiffany Sandals in black, by Therafit...

The Tiffany sandals are for anyone who wants both fashion and function in one comfortable shoe. These wedges feature a patent leather strap and thong, with dazzling clear jewels running along the V. The sandals features little maasaging nodules, where your feet rest, for ultimate comfort and circulation.

Beautiful, chic Therafit Tiffany Sandals. Let's try them on!

I couldn't wait to wear my Tiffany Sandals. Of course, I tried them on as soon as I opened the box, and then made plans to wear them on our day trip to the mountains not long ago. I knew that they would be both comfortable and stylish, especially if we did any walking around the lake or downtown.

Feeling feminine and comfortable in my Tiffany sandals after a day of walking in Lake Junaluska and downtown Asheville, where there are lots of big hills!

One of the coolest features of these sandals, and Therafit shoes, is that they have the patented Personal Comfort System. This allows you to adjust the level of shock absorbancy to your personal comfort level. There are three little dots on each side of the heel of my Tiffany sandals. If you push them in, they pop out on the other side. One, two or all three can be removed (they are actually inserts), and replaced any time you need to adjust your comfort level. When we went on our mountain day trip and did a whole lot of walking, I left the inserts in, because I needed extra support. I have a bad knee, and a lot of walking can irritate the joint and cause me to be in a lot of pain the next day. I am pleased to report that I wore my Tiffany sandals, and felt no pain in my knee after all of the walking we did! Yay!

Check out this awesome demonstration of how these beauties work...

I also wore my Tiffany sandals to our friend's house on the lake last weekend. I am notorious for slipping on wet surfaces when I wear my favorite flip flops, because there is zero tread left on them. I knew the no-slip soles on my Tiffany sandals would keep me from slipping and falling on the dock, or walking up the stairs to the house from the deck (it always rains at the lake, and we had a bad storm blow through while we were there). I was right- the sandals kept me steady, and I didn't have to worry about falling with my son in my arms. I felt steady and secure all day, and received a ton of compliments, too!

I've even been wearing my Tiffany sandals casually, at home... they look great with everything!

I want every woman on my family to have a pair of their very own Therafit sandals to wear during the summertime. They would all love them as much as I do, and they'd also love that could adjust the sandals to fit their comfort needs. These are beautiful, stylish, comfortable, casual and elegant- all in one sandal! I won't wear anything else when we go shopping... these keep my feet comfortable, and ache-free all day long!

 *Just a quick note- these do run large. I normally wear a 7.5, and ordered down a half size to a 7. My sandals fit perfectly!

I'm still getting used to the wedge, but I haven't felt unsteady, like I do in most wedges I've owned in the past. Therafit shoes are unlike all the rest!

Therafit makes so many gorgeous sandals, and stylish shoes!
Check out some of my other favorite Therafit designs!

Carly Sandal

Deborah Sneaker in Pink

Every gal deserves to have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear while at work or play. These are truly ideal for anyone who spends a great deal of time on their feet, and would make a great gift for girls heading back to school, off to college, just graduated from nursing school, spend the day walking, standing, etc. Moms- these are a great idea for you! I can't wait to add to my personal Therafit collection and will keep my fingers crossed that they'll come out with a line of cute Mary Janes, Therafit style!

Want Them? Buy Them!

You can find the Tiffany sandals, plus all of the above featured styles and more on the Therafit website! Check them out and pick up a pair for your tired feet and aching back... trust me- your whole body will thank you! Therafit is totally social and they'd love for you to connect with their communities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

Want Them? Win Them!

One super lucky MBP reader will win a pair of Therafit sandals of their choosing! Winner may select whichever sandals they'd like! Awesome- choose sporty, casual or elegant! Either way- they'll all be super comfortable! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the Therafit Team for allowing me to try these wonderful sandals, and for offering this fabulous giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. I really like the Carly Brown Sandal from Therafitshoes.com great review w/great product pictures. They look so comfy yet in style to match any apparel :) thanks for the chance to win sewitupjulie@gmail.com

  2. I like the Carly sandal too. The orange is nice but I owuld prefer them in brown.

  3. I could see myself wearing TheraFit sandals to the beach so they were comfy to walk while being stylish And I could see myself wearing the TheraFit shoes to go walking for great exercise in comfort thanks! These looks wonderful to enjoy & save tired feet & legs from exhaustion sewitupjulie@gmail.com

  4. I would choose the carly brown sandal if I won

  5. If I won, I'd send to my sister who would wear them everywhere because she doesn't have a good pair of sandals

  6. I'd pick the Tiffany Black, so stylish!

  7. I could see myself wearing these anytime it's not too cold out. I love sandals and these are all so pretty!

  8. I like that Tiffany sandal the most, it has a lot of nice bling, bling, going on.

  9. I would wear this out only on special occasions. Like dinner & a movie with hubby night.

  10. the Tiffany black sandals would match everything! jj250@aol.com

  11. I'd choose the Carly in orange.

  12. I can see myself wearing these anytime I want to be comfortable. I have foot problems and comfort is #1 for me. (Plus these are pretty!)

  13. I like the Carly Sandal...My legs & feet kill me and I have always having to wear my tennis shoes with insoles just to make it through a Costco trip!lol

  14. I'd wear them while out on my errands.

  15. I'd wear them all the time if they were as comfortable as they seem to be.

  16. I'd wear them out for coffee with the girls.

  17. Oh I really love the Sandy Blue Sandal! so cute!

  18. I can't really think of a place I wouldn't wear them, except the snow!lol

  19. I would choose the Tiffany sandal as pictured above.


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