Wine and Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

You want to give the perfect gift. The present that says you both know and care about the recipient and something that fits their unique taste. Unfortunately, such a gift requires more detective work. Let's say the intended recipient is a wine drinker. While giving their favorite bottle is a no-brainer, the problem with consumable gifts is that once they're finished, there's no reminder of the person who gave the gift. Fortunately, you can use empty wine bottles and old corks to make great gifts for your loved ones. (If you're not particularly handy, you can also buy these gifts online).

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Recycled Wine Bottle Platters

What is wine without a serving of crackers and cheese to go with it? While most serving trays are not much more than large plates, a platter made from a recycled wine bottle can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal. 

Wine Pairing Basket

Often times, even wine lovers have a tough time figuring out which wines match which dishes. With a wine pairing basket, you've done the work for them. Start by getting one or two bottles of the recipient's favorite wine. Then, either search online or through a wine pairing guide to figure out what goes with it, and throw those foods in the basket. As an added bonus, include the wine pairing gift guide they can use for future reference. 

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Fancy Bottle Stoppers

No matter how much someone likes wine, there's a chance that the bottle way go unfinished.  If that's the case, they need a bottle stopper. You can buy decorative bottle stoppers or you can make your own. Take a cork and embellish it by gluing decorative items or painting it. Stop by a local arts and crafts store for ideas and inspiration. 


A wine gift with a twist – hollow a cork, then fill it with dirt and plant a tiny seed. Glue a magnet to the back, and you have a miniature planter that’s perfect for the wine-loving gardener.

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Wine Charms

To make your own wine charm, you'll need a cork, a piece of string, and a screw eye. Slice the cork into several small parts – you'll have three or four circles of cork at this point – then screw the screw eye into the side. Draw a design onto the cork with a permanent marker. Tie a string through the screw eye, leaving enough left over so that you can tie the wine charm to the stem of the wine glass.
It's the thought that counts, so show your loved ones you're thinking of them by using their love of wine as a starting point for finding, or creating, the perfect gift. 

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