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Top Five Tips for Caring for Your Jewelry

I have a lot of jewelry, some of which is precious, and some of which is high fashion or even costume jewelry. I often grow attached to certain pieces, and jewelry can bring back happy memories of the occasion for which the piece(s) were received or the person who gave you the jewelry. Regardless of whether or not the jewelry is expensive, I want to keep each piece looking its best each and every time it's worn.

I follow these simple tips that help me keep my jewelry looking beautifully new. If you have gemstone rings–see how to clean gemstone rings.

#1- Put Your Jewelry on Last

I am notorious for putting my jewelry on after I have dressed, but before I am all primped and prepped for the day. It's a bad idea to put your jewelry on before you've put on your moisturizers, lotions, cosmetics and hair products. Loose particles, gunk and spritz can wind up plastered to your accessories, and it's not the easiest thing to gently remove. If you save putting on your jewelry for the very last step of your routine, you won't risk damaging it or getting it dirty.

#2- Don't Clean with Your Jewelry on

Are you a 'clean as you go' person? I am! I clean up little messes here and there through out the week, so I don't have huge messes to clean up over the weekend. I usually commit a big sin against my jewelry, though- because I clean with it on. I feel like my wedding and engagement rings can stand up to pretty much anything, but I should really take them off when I clean, especially if I am using household cleaners!

#3- Keep Your Jewelry Dry

You read that right, friends. Water can be damaging to the life and luster of your jewelry. High fashion jewelry can quickly turn a lovely shade of green and white gold can fade back to yellow if it's worn while in the pool, or even in the shower or while washing dishes. I try to remember to remove my rings before I wash dishes, and have even started removing them before showering to avoid them getting wet and potentially turning on me.

#4- Treat It with Respect

Don't expose your jewelry to harsh treatment. This might mean that you need to remove your jewelry before you exercise, before you head out to garden or cut the grass, and before you start an art project with the kids or mix those meatballs by hand. Sweat, dirt and yucky stuff can really do a number on your jewelry, especially pieces that you wear everyday. By removing your jewelry before you begin an activity, you're protecting it from potential scratches, and even from falling of and getting lost!

#5 Store It Properly

My husband gives me a hard time for holding onto boxes. I still have the gorgeous box that my engagement ring was presented to me in, the boxes our wedding bands came in, and lots of other little boxes that special pieces arrived in. I like to put the pieces that mean the most to me back in their original boxes when I'm not wearing them. These pieces are so important to me that I want them safe, and definitely don't want them mixed with my everyday high fashion jewelry pieces in my jewelry armour. By keeping my nice jewelry protected, I may not have to have it cleaned or repaired quite as often. If you can't find original boxes, you can gently wrap the jewelry in a soft tissue (lotion-free), or place in a tissue lined box that you could pick up at a retail store.

Following these tips helps my jewelry stay clean, from having accidents or becoming lost, and more precious with each passing day. Many pieces have been given to me by my grandmother, my parents, my sister, my husband, and my precious son. I hope to one day have a daughter or granddaughter to pass them on to.

What do you do to keep your jewelry in the best shape possible?

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  1. These are great tips. I have a huge jewelry box, I keep all my stuff in there. I take everything out once a month and clean it..

  2. Great tips! I put my jewelry on last too - I've noticed that if I blow dry my hair with a necklace on, OUCH! It heats up the metal and burns the skin!

  3. Super tips--I don't have many jewels myself, but I want the pieces I do have to last! =)


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