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Tax Free Weekend By States

Here is a list of Tax Free Weekends by State, to help you get the most Bang for your Buck!
Alabama: August 2-4
Arkansas: August 3-4
Connecticut: August 18-24
Florida: August 2-4
Georgia: August 9-10
Iowa: August 2-3
Louisiana: August 2-3
Maryland: August 11-17
Mississippi: July 26-27
Missouri: August 2-4
New Mexico: August 2-4
North Carolina: August 2-4
Oklahoma: August 2-4
South Carolina: August 2-4
Tennessee: August 2-4
Texas: August 9-11
Virginia: August 2-4

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  1. Ooh, I always forget about this! Thanks for the reminder! Sounds like I'll be hitting Target the first week of August!


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