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Simple Ways for Moms to Relax at Home

There's no doubt about it- moms work hard from the moment they get up, to the moment they lay their heads down... and those moments when they wake in the night, to comfort their kiddos. One of the things I miss most about pre-baby days, is taking time to relax. These days, there isn't time to spend relaxing, and there isn't really money to spend on trips to a swanky spa, so finding simple ways to steal a few moments to relax at home, is a great way to go!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to relax at home...


I don't get to do this very often, but I love to wrap up my day with a few minutes of uninterrupted reading. Sometimes, my husband tells me to go to bed early, so he can put our son to bed, and so I can read in bed for half an hour- sometimes longer! I read everything from fiction to history, and often read multiple books at once, so I don't get too bored with one book and fall asleep two paragraphs in.

Lighting Candles

I sort of stopped burning candles at home, after my son was born, but now that he's a little older, I have started lighting the occasional candle, as long as its out of his reach. I love to light a candle or two when I'm working at home, alone. The beauty and tranquility of the simple flame touches my soul, and allows me to truly focus on what I'm doing. Lighting candles is often a trigger for happy memories and occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and fun festivities, which can bring you to a very happy state of mind. Light scents such as lavender and mint can be very relaxing and soothing as they candle burns down.

Indulging In At Home Spa Treatments

Sometimes, I am able to sneak into my private powder room and steal five minutes for a little facial mask application. Every couple of weeks, I try to give myself a pedicure, and sometimes, I even pull out my hot stone therapy pack, like this pretty gift set from Treat Republic. Once in a while, if our son goes to bed early, I can convince my husband to give me a relaxing massage with scented oils, which I always enjoy!

Sipping a Beverage

Depending on the season, I like to enjoy an evening beverage every now and then. During the summer months, I like a nice, light and crisp white wine with dinner. During the cooler months, I love to sip a warm cup of tea with a little bit of honey. The warmth of the beverage just hits a happy place in my tummy and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I simply can't ignore the urge to relax a bit when I have a warm, fuzzy feeling! Throw in a comfy robe and a pair of slippers, and I'd be the picture of at home relaxation perfection!

Cuddle time!

Spending Time with My Family

It may sound crazy (because they're often the ones who make my stress level skyrocket), but I love chilling out with my husband and son. At the end of a long or tough day, nothing could be better than curling up on the couch, nestled under a cozy blanket with my loved ones, enjoying a bowl of stove top popcorn and watching a family-friendly movie. My son usually falls asleep before the movie is over, which gives hubby and I some alone time. Relaxing, indeed.

How do you find ways to relax at home?

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  1. This looks great. Whenever I am trying to relax I always get a nice massage! It really calms me down and makes me very relaxed. Nothing like some massage gel and a hot bath! Thanks for the post!


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