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Instilling Strong Study Habits in Your Teen

When children are young, it can be rather easy to start them off on a good path with their studies. However, maintaining these healthy study habits throughout their adolescence can be even more difficult, especially when they start to find other distractors. Friends, part-time jobs and the opposite sex can take your close-to-graduating student off on a different path, one in which studies are not exactly at the top of the list. So, how can you instill strong study habits in your teen that they can carry into college? 

Take a look at some techniques of moms who don’t have to worry about their child studying:

Help them to get organized – Organization in school and their teen years can help your child to develop the skills necessary to become organized as an adult. Encourage your student to keep a calendar or student planner and to write down everything, including school assignments and extracurricular activities.
Create a place that they will want to study in at home – Part of a student’s studying success has to do with having an inviting environment to do so at home. Help them to create a space in their room that is ideal for homework. This place should be quiet, free of clutter and offer plenty of natural light (so it doesn’t turn into a nap space).

Establish a legitimate study time – Set guidelines for your student so that they know when it is time to study and when it is time to socialize or participate in extracurricular activities. For some students this time is best done when they get home from school, while others prefer to study before or after dinner. You both can be the judge of what works for your student.

Teach time management – Time management skills are perhaps the hardest skills to develop for any teenager. According to 11 Solid Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills, the best way to build these skills it to help them to create a plan of their day, make lists and guide them so that they can avoid procrastination whenever possible. Building these skills will help your child when they enroll in a South University program in Savannah or any other college or university.

Show them how to create and follow through with goals – Part of their future success will be based on their ability to identify their goals and work towards actually attaining them. You can help by encouraging them in anything they do to get to the career or future they dream of, even if it is just a minor step in that direction. Encouragement from a parent certainly goes a long way with any student or child.

If your student has never been interested in studying, implementing these techniques can take time and will be rather difficult. But, with patience and dedication you can help to instill these techniques in your teen so that they can carry them not only through their college career, but throughout their life as well. 

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