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Get Organized before the Kids Head Back to School with the Initials Inc. Off theWall Organizer (#Review)

Part of our Back to School Blast

I don't know about you, but I have been seeing more Back to School ads and commercials than I'm prepared to see just yet. My family still has another beach trip to make in August, before we can oficially get into the 'Back to School Swing.' The school bells will be ringing soon, though, and part of going back to school means that moms have to get organized! At my house, we're in preschool prep mode and I am in desperate need of organization.

Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Jenneifer Jones

Lucky for me, I had the great pleasure of working with Jenneifer Jones, one of our fabulous MBP Spotlight Sponsors, who happens to be a creative partner with Initials, Inc. Jenneifer and I chatted a bit about what might be a great item to feature this month, and I shared with her how badly I needed to get some of my own things in order at home. Jenneifer was delighted to send me a helpful organizer from Initials, Inc.

The Off the Wall Organizer, Tybee print

Jenneifer sent me the absolutely wonderful and handy Off the Wall Organizer, from Initials, Inc. This slender, yet sturdy organizer hangs vertically by two double gromets, which make hanging a breeze. I was able to hang this where I wanted it in my bedroom, beside my desk, without any help from my husband. 

Tybee print, beautiful font and bold burgandy color, denotes this is for MBP business purposes!

Jenneifer personalized my Off the Wall Organizer with 'MBP,' per my suggestion. I wanted my husband to recognize that this new organizer was for me to use for my blogging and business papers, etc- and not for his receipts, Consumer Reports, Subaru Drive Magazines, etc. I thought that this would be wonderful for me to have right beside the desk, so I could easily organize campaign papers, and have them right where I need them, when I sit down to work.

At almost two feet long, this organizer offers a lot of space!

The Off the Wall Organizer is quite durable, and offers seven pockets. You could say there's one for every day of the week! Right now, the organizer is holding a lot of my upcoming campaign info sheets, press releases, and even a few small items that will be featured in upcoming reviews. It also holds my calendar/planner, some stamps, my address book, etc.

This organizer sure can hold a lot of stuff!

Eventually, I'll get even more organized, with the help of my new Off the Wall Organizer. With seven pockets, I could actually plan out all of my posts ahead of time for the entire week, and organize the needed information for the day it's scheduled to go live. I strive to be that organized... it just doesn't always happen. I love the Tybee pattern, as well. It's a light grey with lovely white scroll work throughout. Our bedroom has a black and white theme with some grey accents, so this fits beautifully with our decor.

I am so happy to have this new organizer, and would love to have even more of them for other areas in my home!

The Off the Wall Organizer would be wonderful to use for a variety of things, and in a variety of different spaces. If you were to have your child's name put on this, you could use it to organizer a toddler's clothing for each day of the week. I already do this for my son (in a smaller organizer), but his clothing is becoming too large for the small pockets! As the child grows, they can use it to organize things in their room, beside their desk. This would be a wonderful gift for teachers, too! This could easily hang in a classroom, with sticky hooks on the wall. Use one in your home office, or inside of the front door for your mail, magazines, etc.

Initials, Inc. has so many lovely products for the home, and for moms on the go! Personalization is always free, so you're not only toting around your personal style, but you get to show off your moniker, as well! Check out some of the other great products that can help get the family organized and ready for Back to School!

Get a Grip

Campus Backpack

Train Case

Big Bin

Don't forget about all of the awesome Initials, Inc. products that would be perfect for college students who are definitely always on the go! Help them get their dorm rooms or apartments organized, so they'll be clutter-free, less stressed, and ready to study!

Upcoming Specials and Opportunities from Initials, Inc...

We're excited to share that the new Initials, Inc. Fall/Winter catalog will be available August 1st! See the fllier below for details and upcoming hostess promotions!

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There's still time to get in on the action and reserve your spot to become a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc! Jenneifer would love to share about the Initials, Inc. opportunity with you, and how you can become your own boss, sharing these wonderful products with family and friends on your own time, and having a lot of fun doing something you love!

Want It? Buy It!

We've shown you quite a lot from Initials, Inc, but there's a whole lot more to see over on Jenneifer's personal Initials, Inc. website- Sassy Purse Party! Browse the website for great deals, beautifyl bags and accessories, plus shop the outlet for even more sales and steals on must-have products! Jenneifer would love to answer any questions you may have, or assist you with placing an Initials, Inc. order, or setting up a party, so you can receive hostess benefits! Contact Jenneifer, or leave her a comment on this post! You can connect with Jenneifer through her Sassy Purse Party Initials Inc Facebook page, or through her blog!

Special thanks to Jenneifer Jones for continuing to allow us to share awesome products from Initals, Inc. with our wonderful readers! Look for another fabulous feature with Jenn in September!

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