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Five Great Ways to Display Photos

Call me old fashioned, but I love seeing family photos displayed on walls, tables, shelves, etc in other people's homes. They're always one of the first things to catch my attention, and getting a glimpse into someone else's life almost makes me feel like part of the family! Whether you have a blank wall to use as a canvas, or lots of little surfaces, photos can be a great way to dress up just about any space, and help to make your house a home. If you're thinking of getting your photos printed (or resized), you can visit this Calgary photo printing shop.

Check out some of my favorite ways to display photos...

One of our family photos, printed on canvas...


I never really cared for canvas, until I had  a couple of different family photos printed on wrapped canvas, without frames. The canvas was a wonderful choice for our photos, and the wrapped photo style made the photo itself seem more like a precious piece of art, than a stuffy old family photo. You may choose to use canvas because there is no glare on the photo, no fingerprint smudges when touched, and they generally weigh less than traditional framed photos.

My friend Candice's solution to photo frame display

Traditional Photo Frames

Don't discount the beauty of a simple framed photo. The right frame can really jazz up a print! I am a big fan of grouping varrying sizes of photos in appropriately sized photo frames. Photo frame groupings can look stunning arranged in different ways on walls, or even placed at different heights on top of a bookshelf, amid little trinkets. Framed photos can make a lovely cascade along the wall of a staircase, as well.

3 PC Family Tree Wall Photo Frame Display Art Home Decor Picture Collage Hanging | eBay

Pieced Together Frames

Often times, frames can be purchased as a set, and hung to create a broken, yet whole look. Some frames offer multipe photo displays, and some even display graphics and or text, which can even be personalized. This option can give your photo displays a truly customized look!

Great idea! Frame as photo display

Rustic Framed Display

You could easy create a unique photo display by picking up a large frame from a yard sale, and then leaving it as is, or painting it to give it a new looks. Simply run some string, ribbon or twine along the back of the frame and then add photos to the lines with tiny clips of clothespins. You can hang the frame, and then change out the photos as often as you like!

Shadow Box idea for coming home items

Shadow Boxes

A step beyond a scrapbook page, capture the memory of a special day or milestone by creating a shadow box. You can add decorative papers (use acid-free!), add photos, embellishments and keepsakes to make a beautiful gift for someone, or as a beautiful reminder in your own space of a special time in your life.

What are some of your favorite ways to display photos?

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