Can Moms Really Have It All? #sponsored

I love being a mom. My son is the greatest joy in my life, and he's the reason I get out out of bed each morning. I always dreamed of being wife, mom, and having a bit of a career, as well. I have a very supportive husband, and many interests which include everything from singing and leading worship at my church to writing and gardening. I never could have guessed that blogging would become my career, and owning my own blog and being my own boss would be how I fulfilled my dream of writing professionally. Four years after starting a cute family blog, I have a wonderful group of readers, and family and friends who constantly offer their support and encouragement.

My beautiful family...

To me, having it all doesn't mean having tons of money and the finest material possesions in the world. Having it all means having a loving family, a centerting relationship with Jesus, a supportive community of friends and church family, a job that I enjoy, and time to spend with the people I love. How do I keep it all balanced- the home life, family, work and volunteering? Well, I can't say it's the easiest thing in the world, but I have a few tips for anyone who wants to live a well balanced life and truly have it all.

#1- Set a Routine and Stick to It!
Easier said than done, I know. I'm the type of person who thrives in a routine, so breaking that cycle really throws me off my game. I actually schedule the things I know I need to get done in a day, make check lists, and cross things off as they get done. Setting daily goals and celebrating acheivements gives me a sense of worth- even if that means I completed one blog post and did the laundry!

#2- Get the Family on Board
Setting goals as a family is super important. Let your spouse or partner (and the kids) know about your dreams and goals. You may be surprised how willing they are to step up and lend a hand around the house so you have more time to spend reading, writing, building you business or brand, etc.

Two of the faces behind MBP- me, my sister Britt, and of course- my sweet little B!

#3- Dress for Success
I am a work at home mom, so I don't have to get dressed up in a suit and head to the office every day. However, to feel like a successful woman, I take care to put flattering ensembles together that I can wear at home. This actually reminds me that I am a WORKING mom, and I'm comfortable enough to still be active with my two-year-old throughout the day.

#4- Have a Mommy's Night
Whether you get together with girlfriends for drinks and catch a play or flick, or you just grab a coffee and go shopping for a couple of hours, try to build in some time for yourself each week. Ask your husband to give you a tiny break (or maybe a sibling or grandparent), so that you can have one night or afternoon to do something relaxing- like take a bubble bath, go work out with friends, take a class, etc.

On vacation with my bubs in Cozumel, Mexico

#5- Take a Vacation
I'm sort of a lucky duck in that I've been on a ton of trips with my family in the past few years. We took a family cruise after Christmas this past year and had a fabulous time. Spending time together as a family is very important to me, so whether we make time to go on a big trip or we take a day trip to the mountains matters not. The point is that everyone takes a few days to put our devices away and spend quality time together.

Trust me when I say that I don't always have it all together, and I definitely don't have all the answers. My sister and I often joke that we'd make for a hilarious reality TV show, but the truth is- I'm glad there isn't one about my life!

Speaking of sisters... remember the adorable twins from the hit show, 'Sister, Sister'? Well, Tia and Tamera are back with the third season of their very own show on the Style Network. I love these two ladies! They've always been wonderful role models for young girls, and they still are- now they're wives and moms, and still the best of friends!

Check out a clip from their new show on the Style Network!

Whatcha think? I can't wait to catch the premier in a few days and hope you'll set your DVR to record it if you won't be home! Tune in for the Season 3 premier on Sunday, July 14th at 8/7C on Style.

What are your tips for balancing life and having it all?

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  1. My best tip: remember you don't have to do it all, all the time! Sometimes the laundry won't get folded, dishes put away. But if your family is relatively happy and healthy and you are also, it will all be okay!


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