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Best Software to Keep Children Safe on Mobile Devices

The ubiquitous — and potentially dangerous — mobile phone...

Mobile phones are a useful and convenient way of performing the tasks that have traditionally been done with desktop computers, including surfing the Web, a purpose for which they may surpass the latter in popularity, according to some forecasters. Of course, like any computing device, they can become dangerous and even deadly if they fall into the hands of children — but they can also be very valuable, as children can be taught how to use them as aids when doing their homework or to call for help in case they get lost, stuck somewhere or worse, kidnapped. The question, therefore, is not how to keep mobile phones entirely out of the hands of young children — that is out of the question — but rather, how to make them as safe as possible for those who are still in that age group.

What are the dangers?

The dangers posed by mobile phones to those who use them can be divided into two basic groups — those that come from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and and other malicious software, which can result in the loss of valuable personal data and even the destruction of the phone itself, and those that come from Internet predators who target children by attempting to meet them in the real world. Then, too, there are sites whose content is inappropriate for people below a certain age because they contain pornography, hate speech or other such trash. The strategies outlined in the following sections will help to keep you and your children safe from both types of threats.


Mobiflock is a software program that works on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. It consists of a set of parental controls that enable parents to monitor their children's cellphone activity and block out any undesirable contacts, while still allowing them to have fun with the devices — playing games and chatting with their friends. By finding out which age-inappropriate sites their children have been visiting, parents can take the next step of blocking them out by redirecting them to other sites that are suitable for children.

But that is not all that Mobiflock is good for. It can also help you to track down your child, wherever he or she may be, in case he runs away or gets lost — and learn where he most often likes to go. Plus you can detect if your young one is using the mobile phone when he should be sleeping — these devices can be addictive, no doubt about it. Learning about your child's “digital lifestyle” is an important part of helping to shape it. 

The software is available for a week-long free trial.

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator is another app that you can use to locate your child if he has the cell phone on him — and without the need to make a call, either. The app is equipped with GPS satellite tracking software for that purpose. It can even give you automatic safety checks, telling you where your child currently is at specified times of the day. Best of all, Sprint Family Locator comes equipped with password protection so that only you and other authorized persons can use it to locate the child. (You can also use this particular app for your own safety, having it lock up automatically whenever you are at the wheel, and thus save you from all of the dangers that come with texting and driving.) All the apps provided by Sprint can be downloaded from their website for a free fifteen-day trial.


The final piece of software that we shall examine is Livell, which comes in two parts — a mobile application that runs on the phone but relays data back to the company website, and an online real-test reporting system. At present it runs only on Android phones, but Livell plans to change that.

Of course, you also want to set a good example for your children by refining your own mobile habits. No amount of technology can ever remove that burden from your shoulders. 

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Sarah Hendricks who is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage. Users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack. Sarah has teamed up with best mobile anti virus software NQ Mobile, and their best mobile security applications to keep mobile devices protected nation wide!

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