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Beautiful, Affordable Fashion from Bella Ella Boutique #Review

MBP's Summer Fashion Finds

I love warm and breezy summer days. As a young mom (I can still claim to be young at 30, right?), I often find it difficult to find trendy boutique style clothing that's appropriate for my age. I'm not yet middle-aged, and I'm definitely not a teenager anymore, and sometimes, it's hard to find stylish pieces that are for those of us a third of the way through the spectrum. That's why- when I find a great store or boutique that caters to women of all ages, and has great style options that would work for me, I have to share about them with you!

I found Bella Ella Boutique a few weeks ago, as I was doing a routine browse for some fun and flirty summertime dresses. I was quickly drawn to their selection of boutique style fashions for women. Bella Ella Boutique started out as a single store in Utah, and today, they now have six retail locations and a full service website! Bella Ella knows that women need affordable fashions, and they serve up more options than you'll have room for in your closet, at prices you'll love!

I was lucky enough to team up with the gals at Bella Ella Boutique for a review of a couple of musthave pieces for the summer season!

The Turquoise and White Chevron Dress, Small

I was sent the beautiful Turquoise and White Chevron Dress from Bella Ella Boutique. I chose this dress because I absolutely love the color combination, the trendy Chevron pattern, and of course- the style of the dress. Light and breezy, this layered style is perfect for the hot months of mid- late summer. 

Beautiful summer style for moms!

I chose a size small, which was a tad too big for me up top, but it fit well at the cinched waist, and the length wound up being perfect. I loved how flowy the skirt of the dress was. I was able to move about freely in this dress, and could still bend over or bend down, without giving anyone a show (important factor for moms!). I wore this dress to church, but it's also casual enough to wear out and about or wear to a nice summer dinner party... or even for a night out on a date or with friends.

Lace Skirt Extender, white...

I was also sent what I believe is one of the neatest products that Bella Ella offers. Take a look at my dress... it seems to have magically extended itself in length. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, girlfriends- this is a must-have lace skirt extender! It wears like a slip, underneath the skirt of any dress (or skirt), and adds inches of beautiful lace to the bottom of any ensemble! Look at that gorgeous lace detail! Lace is also a big trend right now, so this is a wonderful idea and a great way to add length for those of us who have longer legs and need it!

Isn't this pretty?

I didn't really need the extra length in the skirt of the Turquoise and White Chevron Dress, but take a look at how just by adding the Lace Extender, I've changed the look of the dress. It actually looks a bit more elegant, like I might wear if I were headed to a summertime wedding.

The added length is a great solution for girls with long legs, or for moms who chase little ones!

I have a ton of dresses that are really too short for me to me to be fully comfortable in. I know I have irked my husband on more than one occasion, asking him to pick something up, because my skirt or dress was too short for me to bend down in. Now that I have the lace extender, I can add length to any dress in my closet, just by adding a simple slip. It also adds a layer between me and the dress, which always makes me feel a bit more comfortable. The lace skirt extenders are available in a variety of colors, and are available up to a size XL, for $24.95. Dress extenders are also available!

I now have a huge list of styles I'd love to own from Bella Ella, and since I now know that they cater to women of all ages and sizes, and their clothing works for me, I have a feeling that I'll be passing my wish list along to my loved ones!

Check out some of these other wonderful pieces available from Bella Ella Boutique!

chocolate chip
Tan and Black Zig-Zag

Bright and Sexy Chevron Dress

Black Chevron Top

DSC_0116_Fotor - Copy
Mayan Sunset Tank

I hope to be bringing you many more great style picks from Bella Ella Boutique in the near future! I can't wait to see what will soon be rolling out for the fall season! Bella Ella has beautiful selections of boutique style women's apparel and accessories, so make your wish lists and share them with your friends and family!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Bella Ella Boutique to find beautiful, affordable and trendy fashions that work for you! Bella Ella has a wonderful sale section, and don't forget to check out those lace skirt extenders! You can connect with Bella Ella through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Bella Ella also runs weekly giveaways, so check in with them often for your chance to win!

Special thanks to the team at Bella Ella Boutique for allowing me to experience beautiful style and comfort this summer!

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  1. That dress looks great on you. I really like the Tan and Black Zig Zag outfit too.


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