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I love wearing sandals, and no not because its summer. I wear sandals all year long. Yes, I know I live in Northwest Indiana where we get a few feet of snow in the winter and subzero temperatures but I don't care, I have hot feet and I can't stand wearing shoes!      Sidenote: When I was younger Id wear sandals in the snow but now that Im a smart adult, I will wear boots in the snow and change into sandals once I get inside... sometimes... okay, not often but I do wear boots once or twice in the winter.      The bad part about sandals, aside from the lack of arch support, is that they show off my heels. Most people probably don't think much of their heels, but when you have "gypsy feet" (thats what my friends call them) from wearing sandals and going barefoot your heels get cracked, calloused, and dirty. 

I know my heel issues could easily be solved by getting regular pedicures but A) they aren't cheap and B) Im not into people touching me feet. Luckily, I have Vannessa Wigglesworth and Avon. Vanessa sent me some awesome products that have really helped me to be a lot less worried about the way my feet look, feel, and even smell. 

Vanessa sent me a variety of products from the Foot Works line:

The Pumice Cream is amazing! It really helps take the dead skin off my feet. My heels felt a million times better after just the first use!

The Cracked Heel Cream soothes my cracked heels and helps them from getting cracked again.

After using the Pumice Cream and Cracked Heel Cream 
The All Day Foot Deodorant Cream is great for those days when I wear sandals that still keep my feet hot. I used it the other day when I was walking around Chicago and no foot odor! 

Vanessa also sent me the Anti-Rub Blister Stick. It is amazing! It leaves a smooth protective coating over the spots on my ankles that rub against my shoes. I can totally wear some of my sandals that hurt my ankles without any blister pain now! 

No more blisters! 

Lastly, Vanessa sent me some awesome Gel Heel Cushions. These heel cushions are amazing in my ballet flats that I occasionally wear to school. They really make being on my feet all day a lot more bearable! 
Super squishy and oh so comfy!

I tried the gel cushions in my sandals but they didn't stay in. 

Lucky enough to have perfectly pedicured feet? Check out some of the other awesome things Vanessa and Avon have to offer. 

Love the look of freshly manicured nails but don't have the time or money? Check out Avon's Nail Art. Stick on nail strips that won't chip or rub off like traditional nail polish. Avon's Nail Art is available in tons of styles and colors. Zebra is probably my favorite! 

Want to keep that sun kissed glow all year long? Check out Avon Glow. Bronzing beads that are sure to keep you looking summer fresh even on the coldest winter day.

I don't wear a lot of makeup but when I do, I prefer Avon eye shadow. Available in hundreds of colors, tints, and shades there is sure to be a perfect shadow for you!

Wanting a new look but scared to get it? Check out the Avon Online Makeover tool. Just upload a picture of yourself and try on tons of different makeup and hair styles! Its super fun!! 

Want it? Buy it! 
Check out everything Vanessa and Avon have to offer! Just visit Vanessa's Avon page or her facebook to start shopping. She will be more than happy to help you find everything you need! 

Special thanks to Vanessa Wigglesworth and Avon for sponsoring yet another awesome review! 

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