36S Acts of Kindness Challenge: Week 27

Happy Monday! Today, we're continuing our 365 Acts of Kindness today, encouraging everyone to do one nice thing for someone else every day, for the next year. It doesn't have to be random- you can certainly be kind to someone you know, or a complete stranger. The idea is to pass love around- help someone else out, and inspire them to do the same. Sometimes, we have to change to be the change we want to see in this world.

Every Monday, we're posting a weekly roundup of Acts of Kindness, where you can share how you've helped others, or how others have blessed you by their acts.

My Act of Kindness from Last Week...

Last week, my family was shown kindness yet again. A church member unexpectedly dropped by my parents house with some lovely homegrown flowers and a homemade chocolate pie, as my dad has been recovering from his hospitalization. This act prompted me to be more aware of other's situations, and to always show kindness and hospitality.

My act of kindness was to give the few dollars that I had in my purse, to a woman standing on a street corner in one of our local towns. I wish I could have given her a bottle of water, because she looked so hot, tired and hungry. I didn't have much for her, but I hoped that she would at least be able to enjoy a hot meal somewhere close by.

Featured Comment from Last Week's Roundup...

Love this post. I agree that was very sweet of you! My act of kindness this week will be giveaway away a few products I reviewed to someone in need. I know a few families that are in need right now and I have some things I can giveaway to at least help some. -Lisa

This is Week 27 of this special Bloggers & Readers Challenge, and I am so eager to read everyone's comments on how they were able to offer kindness, or how they received kindness from someone else last week.

Be sure to leave us your comment, and keep spreading the love around! You never know- your comment might be featured in next week's post, or we might randomly show kindness to one our our readers!!

How have you shown kindess lately or been on the receiving end of a random act?

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  1. I have had both this week-- I won two giveaways that had multiple childrens items-There were a few things my kids really were too big for - so we made up a little gift bag for a girl at our church who we know the family is having some difficulties right now-- Her Dad was so grateful and texted me the next day that she hasn't stopped playing with the toys!
    We in turn had our neighbor bring us I box of fresh veggies from his garden--he said he say how little mine was this year and he had an overflow!
    Reap what you sow =)

  2. This is awesome! I truly love to help others and admire your efforts!

  3. I was on the receiving end when my uncle paid for my dad's headstone and a luncheon following the unveiling. There was absolutely no way I could have afforded to get him one at this time.
    I plan on donating all of my old clothes and a bunch of my dads clothes and furniture to the local Kings Ranch

  4. What a wonderful idea! We are going through all our clothes and getting out everything that does not fit anymore. With school getting ready to start, I know there must be others in my area that can use them and don't have enough money to buy what they need

  5. So cool. This past week I have been home sick with fevers and aches...so no acts of kindness towards strangers for me. But I do like to help those in need whenever possible.

  6. I love this idea, I love hearing these kinds of stories! Let's see, last week was a blur, but I talked to my dad on the phone when I was having a lousy day and he offered kindness with support and ideas of things to help the situation. On my end, I tried to show kindness with my words and actions to others.

  7. I love reading about everyone's RAK stories

  8. I agree with Marilyn, it's wonderful to hear about the many ways people show kindness towards others. At our local Chick-fil-A it is very common for people to pay for the car behind them. Even though it happens quite often, it is still always an unexpected delight and is easy and fun to do for others too.

  9. I love this idea, I always try to show others kindness even if its as silly as letting someone out of a parking lot while driving.


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