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Swimming is a fun and healthy summer activity!

Swimming is a fun and healthy summer activity. Here are tips to ease the whole family into the water.

After a cold winter and a rainy spring, the pool is a welcome alternative to regular gym classes and indoor activities. The United States has more than 10 million pools and 36 percent of children swim at least six times a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A variety of pool sizes and prices means that families have lots of options when it comes to swimming. Small children can while away time in a kid-sized pool. Older children and adults can enjoy room to roam in a larger pool. Also, a membership at a community or club pool allows families to meet up with friends and socialize.

A Terrific Workout
Swimming is a low-impact workout with several benefits, according to the experts at Livestrong. Doing laps can lead to weight loss, for example. Additional benefits include toning muscles and improved circulation. Those who suffer from arthritis and women who are pregnant can experience relief from aches thanks to the buoyancy they feel in the water. In addition, a cool swim can be a quick stress reliever after a jam-packed day or work week.

For young swimmers, lessons can build confidence. Learning the different strokes and how to dive can be inspiring during those weeks when the heat strikes. Swim lessons aren't typically costly and the benefits can last a lifetime.

More experienced swimmers may look forward to the challenge of team events or competitions. A local swim team might be recruiting, so check around. The discipline of working with a swim team is wonderful motivation for avoiding the couch. Leaving the living room to swim is effective for moderating time spent on video games and channel surfing for people of any age.

Getting little ones used to the water at an early age aids their confidence as they grow...

Festive Competition
Another fun poolside event is having a backyard Olympics competition. The family team can aspire to chase the records of famous swimmers such as Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin. Give out praise and awards for best laps, number of laps or best-looking dives. Ask family members to decide on other swim categories.

Pool toys and floats can assist with turning the pool into an outdoor playroom. Inflatable animals and pool noodles provide lots of creative fun for different age groups. Hunting for different toys in the water can inspire future undersea explorers too. Give out a prize to the family member who finds the most rings. See who can reach the end of the pool first for a friendly competition.

Invite friends and family over for pool time and family bonding. Older relatives may appreciate the chance to cool off in the water. Grill healthy foods like fish and chicken for lighter meals. Serve slices of chilled fruit and delicious grilled vegetables as well.

Supervising the family's swimmers can be a workout on its own. Here is some advice on staying afloat.
Encourage breaks for those who need them.
Provide healthy snacks and drinks at regular intervals so swimmers can refresh themselves.
Teens and younger swimmers may need reminders to apply more sunscreen.

Time in the water is a great way for families to spend time together and exercise. Practice the backstroke and enjoy a swim today.

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