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Soy Serenity Candles (#Review and #Giveaway)

There are many days when I walk through my kitchen door and think, wow, what is that smell. With a stinky dog, and a husband who is usually covered in grease, sealant and paint, my house can get pretty smelly. I've used everything to clear the air or cover up the smell, but I can usually mask it for an hour or so before the odor is back. Yuck! I am always searching for something to make the air in my home fresh and clean!

I am an avid candle burner. I can count about seven candles sitting in my living room but none of those last very long. I even have one I recently bought for nearly $40.00 that I burned all day and it had no scent what so ever. I felt like I had been duped. That's why I was so happy when I was given the chance to review Soy Serenity candles. I've only once tried a soy candle and wasn't very happy with the results, so I was excited to try out Soy Serenity's line of candles.
 Soy Serenity and a couple of samples
Why Soy? Soy candles are in many ways a better choice than regular wax candles because of their positive benefits for our environment. Soy candles are clean burning, and long lasting. Soy comes from the soy bean plant, farmers are able to plant and sell these beans for a profit, which makes soy a renewable resource. Not many products today can offer up so many amazing benefits for us, the environment, and our economy!

What a beautiful, simplistic label

Now, on to the actual candle! I got to pick what scent of candle I wanted to review and so with summer quickly approaching, I decided that I would try out their Nectarine Mint. It just makes my mouth water thinking about it! When the Soy Serenity candle arrived, I immediately was drawn to the simplicity of the candle. A tall, clear glass cylinder and lid, with a simple, yet beautiful black and white label. Simplicity is the epitome of beauty, and this candle is beautiful! With the clear glass, and simple label, the candle is able to shine in all of its soy glory!

Dye Free, Soy Serenity is such a great addition to my side board.

When I first lifted the lid, I was amazed at how fragrant the candle is without having been burned yet. I have an open floor plan in my home, and I also have about 11-12 ft vaulted ceilings. Within five minutes of lighting the candle, the whole front of my home was filled with a delicious nectarine mint scent. It was heavenly! My picky husband, who hates every scent I burn that isn't cinnamon, even liked how light and fresh the house smelled. He said it smelled like I had the windows open all day in an orchard! That made me giggle!

Clean burning Nectarine Mint, Soy Serenity candle.
Wish you could smell how wonderful my house smells!

I let the candle burn for over 3 hours and it didn't even put a dent in the candle! On my days off, I love to burn candles from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go off to bed. I go through candles so quickly because they just don't last long. I can go through a new candle in days, and that puts a huge dent in my purse. With Soy Serenity's candles, they actually lasted all day, for several days! And, the fragrance didn't burn out before the candle! It continues to smell wonderful every time I burn it!

A few extra samples to help me decide what my next purchase will be!

I have to say, that Soy Serenity has found a new believer in Soy! It really is the better, friendlier, choice! My candle has lasted through many long burns and it is still going strong! I am no longer on the hunt for the best candle, in my opinion, Soy Serenity is the best. I am so glad that I got a chance to try Soy Serenity because they have forever changed my opinion of soy candles. Are you interested in Soy Serenity's candles? If so, two lucky readers will win a candle of their very own! You heard me right, TWO readers!!

Here are some comparable facts from Soy Serenity's site:

Lets Compare : Other Candle Companies |   Serenity Candle Company (Online Candle Sale)
           Large Jar Candle Price $25-$28           (XL) $17.49 (170 hrs burn time           
Medium Jar Candle Price $21-$25   (L) $13.99 (90 hrs burn time)
Small Jar Candle Price $8-$11      (S) $6.39 (20 hrs burn time)

The choice to me is clear!

Thank you to Soy Serenity for allowing me to review your fabulous candles, and for changing my mind about soy. Thanks for sponsoring this amazing giveaway for our readers!

Want It? Buy It!

If you have not converted to Soy yet, here's your chance. Soy Serenity has over twenty options for you to choose from and $2.95 same day shipping. What are you waiting for, head on over to their site and get your soy on. How about stopping by their facebook page, and giving them a like so you can stay up to date on all their latest news.

Large Nectarine Mint Soy Candle

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