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RED WIDOW Season One (Review) + Bonus Clips

Protecting Family Has Never Been This Dangerous 



The Emotional Family Drama Arriving On DVD May 28, 2013 


One woman’s dangerous journey into the world of organized crime as she stops at nothing to protect her family.

“Red Widow: The Complete First Season” two-disc DVD set brings fans closer to the mayhem as the search continues to uncover the truth about season one’s most explosive murder. The exciting release is packed with extras including never-before-seen moments, exclusive content and more.

Check out these captivating clips from the hit series...



My thoughts...

I haven't gotten into a television series in a long time... like, since before I became a mom! I didn't know mych about RED WIDOW before receiving the DVD set for review, so I was pretty excited to pop this into the DVD player an check it out.

I was pulled in from the opening scence, set in San Fransisco- a beautiful city, where a family, seemingly normal is definitely far from it. Tha 'family business' has swallowed the Walraven family, leaving Marta desperate for her husband to get out of it. Concerned for the safety of her family after her young son finds his father's gun and pulls it on a school bully, Marta threatens to leave her husband with their children, unless he leaves his life of organized crime behind.

As the season wears on, the unthinkable happens, and Marta is left a widow, fighting to protect her family. I love everything about the series, from the tension within the family unit, to Marta doing what any mother would do- going to extreme measures to protect her family. I'm hooked on this action-packed family drama, and can't wait to see what happens in season two!

RED WIDOW Season One is now available on DVD!

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