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Pure Romance by Karen ( May Spotlight Sponsor, Review and Giveaway)

**Please do not enter Karen's Pure Romance website, unless you are 18+.** 
Summer can be hot, humid, sticky and icky. All the showers and shaving that we do in the summer to try and stay cool, can really take a toll on my skin. I want to feel sexy and beautiful, not hot and gross. It can be hard to find the right kind of body products to use during the summer, but Pure Romance has found a way to keep me looking and feeling sexy all summer long.

I'm glowing! No, really I'm glowing thanks to Karen with Pure Romance. She sent me Glow, Pure Romance's Shimmering Body Silk in Pink Cupcake to review. When Glow arrived, it was in a very nice , black silk pouch that makes it easy to keep discreet in your bag. It's 2oz size is perfect for air travel if you don't like to check your bag. And the smell, oh the smell, both Karen and I agree that it should be edible. The pink cupcake scent is so fantastic, not too sweet, it is the perfect balance between sweet and sexy.

Glow is Here! Love how it came in a silky, black pouch.
I had just showered when the Glow was delivered and I decided to try it out. Glow is enhanced with pheromones and I was intrigued to see if I could entice my hubby. He is not a huggy, kind of guy, but I normally try to sneak one in as soon as he gets home. I sprayed Glow in between my cleavage and noticed how it enhanced my curves with shimmer and shine. When Cory walked in the door, I let him take his time and to take off his work gear and get comfy. I casually walked up to him and let him rest his head on shoulder. I could tell he was sniffing and trying to figure out what was different.
Even the bottle has sexy curves!
After about a minute he asked me if I had been baking? I giggled and said no! He grabbed my arms and hugged me tight and looked at me funny asking why I smelled like cake? I showed him the glow and he just shrugged. He's a guy, what can I say! However, he kept looking at my cleavage, I just smiled and walked away. That night I went to bed with a plan in my head for the next day. Wink, Wink!

Just a small drop is enough for my face, cleavage and shoulders.
While my hubby was at work the next day, I fixed my hair and makeup like normal and dressed in my usual clothes. I sprayed the glow, again on my cleavage and on my cheekbones and tops of my shoulders. My body was glowing in the light and I felt like a million dollars. Funny how just a bit of shimmer can make you feel so sexy! I went through the same routine as the night before with Cory. This time, we cuddled on the couch for a little bit and then I got up to cook dinner. I was in the kitchen for no more than five minutes before I felt hands on my back.

Glow on my Cheeks. I can't get enough of Glow!
This is a family blog, so I'll keep it PG! The second day with Glow, did the trick. Pure Romance knows what they are doing. Every time I spray on a little Glow, Cory can't keep his hands off of me! I get complimented on the scent whenever I wear Glow. It smells amazing and moisturizes my skin at the same time. I love how shimmery and dewy my skin looks when I use Glow. I put a little on my cheeks after I apply my makeup and I am ready to face the world!

 Sexy Shimmer on my face. I now use it in place of blush!

If Pink Cupcake isn't your favorite scent, don't dismay, Pure Romance has many others for you to choose from. There are four Glow scents, choose from Pink Cupcake, Pearberry, Green Tea, and Pomegranate. If you can't decide what scent you would like to try, how about getting them all? Glow is very affordably priced at $18.00 a bottle. It is wedding season, Glow would make a fantastic bachelorette party gift or favor. What a way to make the girls look and feel sexy. Who knows where the night will take you when you Glow!

Glow can be used anywhere, anytime. Use it to spice up your night, or add a bit of glow to your makeup routine. It is sure to become part of your daily beauty routine. Plus, the scent will keep your special someone begging for more! If you are begging for more, you are in luck. one lucky MBP reader will win a Glow of their own!

I want to send a HUGE thanks to Karen with Pure Romance for allowing me to review Glow and for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

Want it? Buy it!
Do you want to Glow everyday? Karen with Pure Romance would love to help you pick out what scent of Glow is perfect for you. While you are there, check out some of the other great products that Pure Romance has to offer. Set up a party for you or as a gift for someone else, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Want to stay up to date on the latest Pure Romance news, go ahead and give Karen's facebook page a like.

Want it? Win it!
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  3. The link for FB for Karen, won't work for me....Would you mind posting it her so I can friend her? Thanks

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  5. I like the Kiss & Tell Raspberry Romance Lip Gloss


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