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Lemongrass Spa w/ Crissie

Lemongrass Spa          
w/ Crissie Cain    

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Somehow it’s the end of the school year already and that means that I am ready to relax! I don’t know a teacher who couldn’t use some pampering and relaxation at this point in the year. Thankfully I know that I can always turn to Lemongrass Spa for my at home pampering needs!

My idea of relaxing in the summer is going to the beach. I am blessed enough to live less than 30minuets from the Dunes National Lakeshore and can go to the beach basically any time I want. When you go to the Dunes you need to have a few things and Crissie Cain sent me those. For this review I got to try Lemongrass Spa Sport SPF 30, Bug-A-Boo insect repellant, Tangerine Bronzing Butter, some yummy Cucumber Poppy soap, and my 2nd favorite Lemongrass Spa product Coconut Lime Vanilla lotion. Each and every one of these products is a must have for a day at the Dunes.

I like to sparkle and look like I’ve been in the sun, even when I haven’t so the Bronzing Butter was perfect for that sun kissed glow. It makes me feel good and smells amazing! It even helped my pasty legs look a little less horrific.

The SPF 30 and the Bug-A-Boo insect repellent are great. You can never wear enough sun screen and this is bound to be a misquito summer so I'm glad that I'm ready. They are both coming with me to our end of the year fieldtrip to Silver Beach and Sarett Nature Center!

The Cucumber Poppyseed soap is amazing! It makes me feel so fresh and clean! I even feel better just smelling it. This is one of those moments when I wish smell-o-vision was real because trust me friends… you want to smell this soap!!! With natural ingredients like coconut oil and real poppy seeds I know I'm using a soap that is good for my skin.

I have tried quite a few products from Lemongrass Spa and I have loved all of them! Check out some of my favorites and some new items I’d like to try: 

My all time favorite Lemongrass Spa product. I love the way it makes my skin feel clean and new.

Im not much of a lotion girl but I love the whipped body butter. It doesn't leave a heavy greasy feeling.

Id love to try the pillow spray. Going to sleep smelling sweet citrus sounds super relaxing. 

This tumbler would be great to drink water from after a massage!

Need an awesome wedding present? Get them a Lemongrass Spa gift pack so their bathroom can become their own spa! 

Want It? Buy It!
 Now is a fantastic time to check out Lemongrass Spa and Crissie would love to help you. Visit Crissie at her Lemongrass Spa page and start shopping now. You can find Crissie's Lemongrass Spa on Facebook too. You can also join Crissie's team or host a party. 

Special thanks to Crissie Cain and Lemongrass Spa for sponsoring this review! 

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