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Keep Cool with a Hot Initials Inc. Cooler Tote! #Review

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Last month my family had the chance to go to Topsail Island in North Carolina. We decided to drive there instead of flying to save on money, the drive is 18 hours from OK to NC. A few weeks before we were to leave, we started planning on what we needed to pack for such a long drive. Of course, the first and most important thing on the list were snacks! I had no idea what bag I was going to pack them in or how I was going to keep them cool. That's where Jenneifer Jones from Initials Inc, saved my trip!
Presented by MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Jenneifer Jones
Jenneifer asked me what I wanted to review for the May Spotlight Sponsor and I said that I would love some kind of thermal tote. Well, Jenn delivered big time and sent me the Berry Chevron-Convertible Cooler. This cooler is like no other cooler I've seen. Made from easy to clean microfiber, the cooler top has a double zipper to keep foods cool and in place. Here's why the cooler is convertible, there is a padded strap that can be hooked on the side O-rings and carried across your shoulders, or body. But the coolest feature is that you can take the strap off the side and attach it to the back of the cooler. In doing so, this allows you to wear the cooler as a back pack! Don't worry about looking silly, the cooler comes in a pink and grey chevron pattern, which is all the rage right now. You will get many compliments, believe me, I did!

Berry Chevron Convertible Cooler. It really is a Party To Go!
Now, on our very long, and very trying car trip, I loaded that cooler up with water on our way out there. I wanted to keep cold water on hand so there was no need to stop for drinks! I decided to freeze the a few bottles the night before to help keep them colder, longer. I set out in the morning to pack the water and was surprised at how many bottles fit into the cooler.  Well over 8 bottles fit easily into the cooler with room to spare. Which was nice, because later down the road I added half a sandwich from my supper to the cooler!
The Cooler boasts a very spacious interior.

Our car was packed full, so in the front, under my feet went the convertible cooler. I wasn't too happy about that, but the cooler fit so well in the car, that it was never in my way. The zippers on the lid zip very smoothly, I was able to open the cooler with one swift movement. That was a really nice bonus when you have limited space in the car.  The first day of travel was only 6 hours and the bottles of water were cold the entire day.  It was very refreshing to have a cold bottle of water whenever someone was thirsty! Now, the real test was the 14 hours we still had the next day. With limited resources, I kept a few bottles on ice in the hotel room and repacked the bag the next morning. I'm not going to lie and say the water was ice cold after 14 hours, but the water was still cool. And with that, I was truly amazed at how well the berry chevron- convertible cooler worked!
9 bottles of water in the cooler, with room to spare!
Once we reached our beach destination, the cooler was used all week to transport snacks and drinks back and forth from the house to the beach. We were never disappointed in the cooler, as it kept all of our food and drinks cool and at a safe temp in the hot, hot heat. With that said, we were never out for more than two or three hours at a time. Don't leave food in the sun for more than two or three hours depending on the type of food you have. The cooler with keep your food cool and safe but no one wants food poisoning, so please be safe when you are outdoors.
 This Party was ready to hit the road!
I am really pleased with how well the convertible cooler from Initials, Inc. worked for my family vacation. It is so easy to use and very convenient to grab and sling over your shoulder or back. That frees up hands that are needed to wrangle kids and pets, if you know what I mean! This cooler is a must have if you are planning on doing anything outdoors this summer, or even this year. Are you planning a road trip, or plan to go camping? The convertible cooler takes up very little space, and is easy to clean. Just wipe, inside and out, and you are done! Cool, right?  I love this cooler and I have been telling everyone about it. At $44.00, the cooler is worth every penny, and worth grabbing a few for gifts. Let's be honest, this would make a really cool ( no pun intended) gift, that is unexpected, and is sure to please even those hard to shop for friends.
 The many straps of the Cooler. I love how easy it is to change them out.

Thank you, Jennifer for allowing me to review the Berry Chevron-Convertible Cooler. I was completely surprised and pleased with the cooler and can not sing its praises enough!
Want it? Buy it!
Are you interested in buying the Berry Chevron Convertible Cooler? Head over to Jenneifer's Initials Inc website and buy one. Not sure what you are looking for? Jenneifer can't wait to answer all your questions and help you decide what Initials Inc product is right for you. While you're at it, check out her Facebook page, too!

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