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Eating on the Go Has Never Been EZ-er or Healthier, Thanks to EZ Squeezees! #Review

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One of the best things about summertime, is being able to spend a lot more time together, as a family. My family is pretty fortunate, in that my husband and I are both self-employed, and we're able to create our own schedules. So, if our schedules allow, we can sometimes take a day off together during the week, to do a fun little family day trip, or activity. We aren't newbies to being on the go, and neither is our son. We've never been afraid to stick him in the car and take him along with us, wherever we happened to want or need to go. Having the right products that can go with us, make our trips so much more enjoyable!

EZ Squeezees

As we travel, we try to take long food and snacks, so we're not spending a ton of extra money. Our son is a fan of those pre-filled squeezable pouches with the little spouts, and we've spent a lot (and I do mean a lot) of money on those things, because we loved the convenience, and loved that our son actually wanted to eat fruit and veggie blends! Eventually, though, we stopped buying them, because the expense was getting out of hand, and often times, we found they were being wasted, which meant we were thowing our money away.

When I came across EZ Squeezees a few weeks ago, I knew I had stumbled across something wonderful. Tired of being stuck with tons of processed food options for their picky toddler, the developers of EZ Squeezees took the concept of portable food pouches to a whole new level. They designed an easy to use pouch, with which parents can fill with their own homemade or store bought baby foods, fresh fruit and veggie purees for toddlers, etc. The concept came about in the farmers markets of Baltimore, and has been well received by parents and their kids!

Our package from EZ Squeezees- product, brochure and a nice welcome letter.

EZ Squeezees 3-Pack

We were sent a package of EZ Squeezees to try out, and I couldn't wait to get them in the hands of my own picky eater. I'm pretty lucky that my two-year-old likes fruits, but lately, he's been funny about eating them. Our package of EZ Squeezees contained three pouches with their own lids. The package highlighted all of the neat features of the pouches, right on the box!

EZ Squeezee Pouches

The pouches look just like the ones your kids see and ask for when you're out grocery shopping together. They work the same way, too, but they feature a strong zipper seal on the side, which enables you to open it up, fill it up, close it, and let your kiddos have at a nutritious snack!

Check this out...

The EZ Squeezees Pouches open on the sides...

The pouches hold a lot- they're a tad larger than the ones you may be used to buying, pre-filled.

The zip seal runs along the entire length of the pouch, which makes it super easy to fill with your homemade or store bought foods. The opposite side from the zipper, features a gusset, which you can expand, or pop out, and then allow the pouch to stand freely on its side, while you fill the pouch. We had a couple of different applesauce flavors in individual cups, that I transferred to the pouches. It was a quick and easy process, and mess-free, too!

Here, the pouch stands on its side, for easy filling...

Applesauce in the pouch...

Sealed and ready to be eaten!

Balian really took to the EZ Squeezee pouches, and gulped down his applesauce. He even asked for more, later that day! I have since filled the pouches with yogurts, sherbets, fresh fruit smoothies, and even prepared warm oatmeal and cream of wheat! I love that my son will happily eat breakfast from one of these pouches- it makes me a very happy mom!

After the pouch has been eaten from, it can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning, or it can be hand washed. After it's clean and dry, it's ready to be filled and used again! The pouches even feature an area on the reverse side, which allows you to label them with the contents and the date. I simply used a dry erase marker to make a note on the ones I filled, and placed them in the refrigerator, so they'd be ready to go! They wiped clean on the outside, and they were a blank slate for the second use.

What I love most about the EZ Squeezee Pouches (besides the convenience), is how much money we've saved since we received them to try out! We used to spend about $10.00/week on the pre-filled pouches, which really started to add up. When we're already spending $10.00/week or more on milk, $10.00 for the pouches could have been spent on fresh meats for 2-3 dinners. Check out the price comparison chart to see just how much money you could save, by switching to the EZ Squeezee pouches!

Orange: Brand Name Pouch
Blue: EZ Squeezees Pouch

We love our new EZ Squeezee pouches, and are happy to fill them up ourselves, with whatever we want to! There are lots of recipes to check out and try on the EZ Squeezees site! I doubt we'll ever go back to buying the expensive pre-filled pouches. These will definitely be coming on the road with us this summer as we travel and on our little day trips, too!

Want It? Buy It!

If you're ready to make the switch from the pricey pre-filled pouches to the awesome EZ Squeezee reusable pouches, head to the EZ Squeezee website. EZ Squeezee is social and would love for you to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own 3-Pack of EZ Squeezee Pouches! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Giveaway ends July 7, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

Special thanks to EZ Squeezees for allowing us to experience the ease of use and convenience of their re-usable pouches, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. Food and drinks for my grandson.

  2. Pureed veggies or fruit for my infant.

  3. I've been looking for something like this as my little one seems to go through the store bought ones like crazy. It's so expensive and I love the idea of saving money while making her food myself so I know what's in it.

  4. I would do smoothies for my lil one. She loves them so much and this would be great for her to use to eat it with!!

  5. Smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, I can think of lots of things to use them for!

  6. I would put some fruit and yogurt in them


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