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#Zoobies Blanket Pets Offer Adorable Cuddles and Convenience (#Review & #Giveaway)

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When I found out that I was going to be a mommy, and started to receive gifts for my son, I received a whole lot of blankets. They say you shouldn't even register for baby blankets, because you're bound to receive more than you'll know what to do with. We definitely have an abundance of baby blankets in our house, but since my little guy is growing up, we've been on a hunt for super cool 'big boy' blankets that are different from your typical baby or toddler blankets.

When I found Zoobies a little over a month ago, I knew I had to look into their products! Zoobies were created by two young brothers, who came from a large  family (nine children!), and wanted to be able to invent something that was innovative, functional and fun. The brothers saw a need to be able to consolidate what was brought along on roadtrips and family outings... something that would definitely make life easier on moms. 
Read more about Zoobies and the Three C's...

I was offered the chance to review a Zoobies Blanket Pet of choice, and wanted to pick out something that Balian would really enjoy. So, I called him over to the computer to look through the Blanket Pets with me, and he settled on Draco Dragon. Draco Dragon was packed up, and dlivered to our door within a few days, and Balian couldn't wait to meet him- face to plush face.

Balian, introducing himself to Draco Dragon

Draco Dragon is one of many Zoobies Blanket Pets. Why is this plush pal called a blanket pet? Glad you asked! Though Draco Dragon is a plush toy, he can be converted to a pillow, and holds a blanket, which is stored inside, until you're ready to use it! The soft blanket is detachable, so if it needs to be washed, there's no problem, there. 

The tag on our Draco Dragon let us know that there was a large blanket waiting for us inside of Draco!

We wanted to check the blanket out, of course, so we unzipped the sides, rolled the blanket out, and were met by a soft blue colored blanket- perfect for snuggling under! The soft coral fleece blanket inside of the Zoobies Blanket Pets are a pretty decent size- 44" x 34", which is great for a toddler.

Here's the blanket, still attached to Draco Dragon, spread out on the couch...

Balian immediately wanted to play with Draco Dragon, and cuddle with the blanket. He's been very into dragons lately, and he insisted on snuggling with Draco Dragon and watching 'How to Train Your Dragon' together. Draco is so adorably cute. He is as soft as the blanket, has crinkle hooves and wings, and even has a bit of a sparkle to him. He's very friendly for a dragon, and has a very comforting smile. He's definitely Balian's favorite new cuddle pal! Since this blanket can usually be found in our living room, I have been known to cover up with it on chilly mornings as I sip my coffee and catch the news! Oh yeah- you just might want to swipe it for yourself!

Isn't Draco cute?

One of the best things about the Zoobies Blanket Pets, is that they are an answer to many moms headaches over packing a million things for their kiddos! Whether we're headed out for a day trip, a weekend trip, and overnighter to grandma's house, or a vacation, we wing up packing a blankie, a pillow, a cuddle pal, and lots of other 'necessities.' With the Zoobies Blanket Pets, it's a 3-in-1 deal for the blankie, pillow and cuddle friend! I wish that we'd had a Zoobies Blanket Pet when we went on our cruise in January... it would have saved time, space and would have been a lot of fun for Balian, too! I might even advise having two of these adorable characters on hand. Keep one of them in the car organizer, so you'll always have a blanket, pillow and plush pal, should you find yourself needing one while away from home!

Soft and cuddly blanket to snuggle with before nap time...

'I love you, Draco!'

Features of Draco Dragon & other Zoobies Blanket Pets

Microbead stuffed head for ultimate squishability™
Large, super-soft coral fleece blanket zipped inside: 44" x 34"
L: 17.7" x W: 6.7" x H:9.1"
100% polyester (additional materials)
Washing-Blanket: Machine wash, tumble dry. Blanket zips off for easy washing.
Washing-Outer pouch: Spot wash (if machine washed, using a laundry bag designed for delicates is recommended).
Two bottom hook-and-loop Velcro tabs gather Blanket Pet™ into animal shape.
Recommended for ages 3 and up, but safely tested for all ages.

There are so many adorable Zoobies Blanket Pets to choose from, including Kojo the Croc, Cookie the Cow, Lola the Lamb, Zulu the Zebra, as well as others. Zoobies also has several other plush products that we recommend checking out...

Glow Bugs

Book Buddies

Slumber Pets

We couldn't imagine taking a trip and leaving our new friend Draco Dragon behind. We know that Balian is sort of attached to Draco, and we couldn't be happier! This means that we can leave his baby cuddle blanket, his pillow and several stuffed animals at home, and bring Draco along instead. The Zoobies Blanket Pets make great travel pillows for the kids, especially if they are still in booster or car seats (these are safety teste d for all ages, but remember, these are recommended for ages 3+ ). Balian loves to lean his head again Draco in the car and snooze until we reach our destination.

We love the Zoobies Blanket Pets!

Zoobies products are truly unique, and practical. The next time your hubby asks, 'Do we really need that?' in regard to a Zoobies product, the answer is 'yes!' Trust me, you'll be happy to have one of these! Zoobies Blanket Pets get two thumbs up from this momma, and they definitely go on my personal list of Mommy Must-Haves. Zoobies Blanket Pets and other products make great gifts for kids. Be sure to add them to your list for just because gifts, birthdays, the holidays, etc!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find all of the above mentioned Zoobies products and many more, over on the Zoobies website! MBP readers can receive 20% off any Zoobie product on www.zoobies.com with the coupon code Parenthood.  There are a whole lot of Zoobies pals- from those appropriate for tiny babes to big kids! Zoobies is very social, and would love for you to connect with them through Facebook and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Zoobies Blanket Pet of choice (excludes the Blanket Pets with Mini Plush). Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Which Blanket Pet would you choose?

Special thanks to our new friends at Zoobies for allowing us to try out the very cuddly Draco Dragon Blanket Pet, and for offering s Zoobies Blanket Pet as a giveaway to our readers!

Good luck!

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  2. omg i love these!! i think my daughters would go for the glow bugs

  3. The graffe!

    Celeste M.

  4. In a far off land where the zoobie pets run where no matter what blanket/pillow pet you are every zoobie is welcome to run! The land is full of color as far as the eye can see and there is not one place that is not soft as can be. For if you ever come to thing wonderful place you will sleep like a baby with drool down your face!!!

  5. I like Furbie the Feline
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. We like Zulu the Zebra.

  7. I love the Flavio the Frog

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  8. I would choose Furbie the Feline!


  9. I would choose Draco. My kids love dragons!

  10. i would either get the giraffe or the croc :)

  11. Furbie the Feline

  12. I'd pick Furbie the Feline.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  13. cookie the cow


  14. This article is absolutely amazing. These Zoobies blanket pets are so nice and so perfect. I love all of these and I'm pretty sure my little girls are going to love these, too. So cuddly and warm. Thanks for sharing all these awesome ideas!



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