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Unique Gifts at Your Fingertips at Cafe Press (Review & Giveaway)

When we think about the season of gifting, we generally think of Christmas. There's another season, however that's very popular for gift-giving, and that's the season we're in right now. From late spring through the summer, we are gifting like crazy for everything from Mother's Day to Father's Day, graduations, weddings, baby showers and birthdays.If you're anything like this tired momma, you're so over wasting gas, going from store to store, trying to find the perfect gift for say, ten different people/celebrations. Shopping online has become the cure for our retail shopping headaches, and something I actually enjoy.


At Cafe Press, it's an online creation station! Cafe Press has been connecting consumers with millions of ready-made products, and tons of options for creating your own custom or personalized products. On any given week, there is an average of 135,000 new products added to the Cafe Press site! Talk about variety! From mugs and t-shirts to blankets and home decor, Cafe Press has a world of unique products available, right at their customer's fingertips.

We were given the opportunity to try out a few products of choice from Cafe Press a few weeks ago. I was able to shop the site, for items of my own choosing, when it suited my schedule. Of course, Cafe Press has so many cool products, that I did wind up spending a lot of time just looking around. I thought that some of the slogans and graphics for the apparel and stickers were pretty hilarious. Eventually, I decided to go with some new t-shirts for my son, because he outgrows his tees faster than you can say, 'growth spurt.'

I started off in the Kids & Baby category. Cafe Press has a website which is very user friendly, and easy to navigate. I knew what I was looking for, so I just used the search bar to type in 'toddler', and several options for toddler boy t-shirts popped up. That hard part was deciding on just a few tees, out of hundreds of options. After I made my selections. I added them to my shopping cart, made my payments (through an e-gift card) and then all that was left to do, was to wait for my order to arrive.

How exciting! Our Cafe Press goodies are here!

Our Cafe Press bundle...

It only took about a week for my Cafe Press order to arrive in a nicelt stamped Cafe Press envelope. Tucked inside the mailing envelope, was my order, which included three t-shirts for Balian. The t-shirts were nicely folded, and there was a paper band wrapped around them, binding them together.

I couldn't wait to show Balian the t-shirts that I had chosen, just for him!

I Love Trucks t-shirt

I chose the 'I love Trucks' t-shirt for Balian, albeit too large for him to wear right now, because the little guy really loves trucks and vehicles.Though I ordered the smallest youth size available, this still hangs like a very large night shirt on B. I knew this when I ordered it, though. I wanted to get him a larger shirt that could be worn for art projects, and such. This is a cotton tee, and I was able to select from a few different color choices. I knew he would like the red, with the bold multi-colored truck! This is already a favorite t-shirt of Balian's/ He knows where I keep it in his closet, and he often fetches it, himself. I have a feeling that this cute t-shirt will be around for quite a while.

'I'm Papa's Boy' toddler t-shirt...

When I came across the next t-shirt, 'I'm Papa's Boy,' on Cafe Press, I immediately knew that I had to order it. When B was a baby, we decided that he would call my mom and dad 'Grammy' and 'Grampy.' Well, guess what? No one decides what kids call their grandparents except for the kids, themselves. We should have known better! 'Grammy' did stick, but Balian landed on 'Papa' for my dad, which he loves! Balian and Papa have a very special relationship. Seriously, no one (besides my hubby and myself) loves that boy more than Papa does (or spoils him quites like Papa does!). I knew my dad would love seing Balian in this shirt, and that it would be special for Balian, as well. This shirt was available in a toddler size, so we went with a 3T. It fits nicely, and there's a bit of room to grow, too!

(Your Name)OSAURUS REX T-shirt

Now, when I found this t-shirt, I also realized that I was going to have to add it to my order. My little dinosaur was going to be thrilled to see his very own name on an awesome dinosaur t-shirt! We had a trip to the zoo planned, where they have a dinosaur adventure experience, and I thought it would be out of this world adorable for B to wear this shirt on our visit. I was able to type Balian's name into a text box before I added the correct size for this shirt to my shopping cart, and when it arrived, Balian immediately recognized his name on this very cool cotton t-shirt! We've let Balian wear this t-shirt several times, and it has quickly become one of his favorites. I can't blame him- the design is really cool, and I don't know many kids who wouldn't love a personalized dinosaur t-shirt!

Here's a better look at design on this graphic t-shirt.

Cafe Press has so many wonderful designs and gift ideas! Mother's Day has come and gone, but in a few short weeks, it'll be time to celebrate dear old dad! Check out some of these great ideas for Father's Day gifts...

Cute Bookworm Nook Sleeve
Bookworm Nook Cover

iDad Dark T-Shirt
iDad T-Shirt

Ceramic Travel Mug
Super Dad Travel Coffee Mug

Fishing Idiot iPhone 4 Slider Case
Fishing Phone Case

Like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of other wonderful designs and gift options for all of those upcoming summer celebrations that are probably plastered to your family calendar. Why not get a jump on purchasing all of the special gifts you'll need this summer? Cafe Press is your one stop shop for unique gifts and apparel!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find these designs and many more over at Cafe Press. There's a lot to see and play around with when it comes to custom designs and personalization, so grab a snack and plan on staying on the Cafe Press site for a while as you look around! Cafe Press is social and would love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a $20.00 Gift Code to Cafe Press! Hmm... what would you get with the gift code if you won? This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win!

Special thanks to Cafe Press for allowing us to review some of their wonderful tees, and for sponsoring this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. I'd get a tote bag with a sassy saying :)

  2. I think I would get this mermaid shirt

  3. I like their t-shirts - cute!

  4. I'd get a Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies shirt.

  5. I would get the Benson The Boss mouse pad.

  6. I like the Just Kicking It maternity shirt

  7. I'd probably get a Sleep Deprived Parent shirt for a friend of mine.

  8. Here's my one liner:
    "I was a perfect parent...until I had kids!"

  9. My one liner is... I believe no problem is so large or so difficult that it can’t be blamed on somebody else. Sounds like something a guy would say! Lol!

  10. I would get a mug for my husband

  11. I would pick a tshirt


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