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Making Mealtime Fun Again with #FunBites (#Review + Giveaway)

Are you a parent or grandparent of a picky eater? I am! My child is such a terrible eater, that sometimes I don't care what he eats... as long as he's eating something. We seem to go through ups and downs when it comes to my two-year-old son's eating habits. Some weeks, he eats like a champ, and others, he'll barely touch food, period. When I heard that there was a product out there that turned boring very day foods into fun shapes that your kiddos could play with and eat, I knew it would be worth a try!

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FunBites is a wonderful product that cuts food into fun shapes and small bites. Dreamed up by a mom of two girls who had trouble getting them to eat healthy foods, creator Bobbie Rhoades came up with a wonderful solution for parents who spend countless hours cutting food up for their kids! Since I am one of those moms who makes almost two different meals at each meal time, and often spends extra time slicing, peeling, chopping and cutting food into little bites for my toddler, FunBites sounded like it was going to be a huge mommy-helper!

Our FunBites package with product, and detailed instructions.

The FunBites cutter/rocker and popper!

Two piece product in green, the square cutter cuts twelve little squares of food at once!

We were pretty eager to try out our FunBites cutter, so we began using it the day after it arrived. We were sent the square cutter, which conveniently cuts food into twelve bite sized squares, all at one time. I had to try the cutter a couple of times to get the hang of it, but once I really read through the instructions and knew what to do, it was a piece of cake to use!

I started by placing the cutter on top of the food we wanted to cut into little squares. We first tried the FunBites out on some mini pancakes that I had warmed up for Balian's breakfast. For our first trial, I just used a couple of the pancakes at one time. I placed the cutter over top of the food, pressed the cutter down, and then firmly held it down while I rocked it back and forth, to make clean cuts.

FunBites cutter on top of the mini pancakes...

Here's a little peek through the squares!

After I pressed down and rocked the plastic cutter back and forth a couple of times, I used the second piece  of this product, and inserted the little blocks into the squares (fit just like a puzzle). I lifted the entire thing up, and pressed the block down to pop the food through the bottom of the cutter.

Insert the block, press down as you lift the cutter, and pop the food bites through!

Ta-da! Fun little pancake squares, which are super cute and fun to eat!

Balian had a blast eating these little squares! I think he liked them so well, because they're different from the norm. Go figure... the kid is usually very much like his daddy, and doesn't like change. I was pleasantly surprised by how well received these bites were!

Our second try with the FunBites, was after a trying morning of running errands, getting a haircut, and trying to keep our heads above water as we battled stormy tantrums. I stopped by a fast food place on our way home and picked up a kid's meal for B. As soon as we got home, he refused to eat it! I didn't just spend five bucks on a kid's meal to see it go into the garbage, so I cleverly pulled out the FunBites cutter, and cut the chicken nuggets into small squares. When I placed the squares before my son, he was curious. He picked one up, ate it, I went into the next room to grab the laundry basket, and by the time I was back, the bites were half gone. Mommy score!

Chicken nuggets became fun chicken bites!

My mother-in-law stopped by later that week, with some homemade brownies for Balian. He's not a huge fan of brownies, because they're big, and they tend to fall apart on him when he tries to eat them. I wanted to make sure that Balian got to eat these, though, without them becoming mangled in the process. So, it was FunBites to the rescue once again! We were able to quickly and easily cut the brownies into those fun, tiny squares for Balian... and the adults got to put a few of the brownie bites on top of their ice cream!

Fun brownie bites for kids and adults, too!

FunBites are totally awesome, in our book! I'd love to have the heart cutter FunBites product, as well. It'd be great to mix it up with other fun shapes, too! The Heart Cutter looks like so much fun, because it has lots of different shapes within the actual cutter.

Ready to see just how easy it is to use FunBites? 
Take a look...

Easy, right? We think that FunBites are great to have on hand at home for everyday use, and for special occasions. Do you like to entertain? Think of how much time this handy little product will save you when you want to cut food up for parties! Forget the clunky old cheese slicer!

FunBites is great to use with all sorts of foods! 
Give it a try with...

Fruits and Veggies
Cookies, Muffins, Brownies
Deli Meats and Cheeses
Plus much more!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find these super fun products over on the FunBites website. We heard through the FunBites FB page that there's a new triangle cutter coming out soon! We can't wait to try it! Be sure to take a look around and check out more of the story to how FunBites came about, and how they can be used! FunBites is social and they'd love to connect with you through Facebook and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will win a FUNBITES product of their own! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to FunBites for allowing us to try out this wonderful product and teach this strict mommy that it's okay to play with our food!


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes as part of a Karma Media Team campaign. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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