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KiDecals Review and Giveaway

Both of my kids will be taking their lunch to school next year. We try to stick with the habit of being green and taking reusable containers instead of a handful of plastic baggies. When sending the reusable containers, I am taking a chance that somewhere along the way, they will get lost. Just recently we lost our CamelBack water bottle, I am hoping to find it in the lost and found, but not going to hold my breath.
I have tried to label all of our reusable items with permanent marker and while it lasts for a few washes, I am forced to redo them again and again. But hopefully my days of marker labeling are over, because we were recently partnered with a company who focuses on an easier and more exciting way to label.
KiDecals, located in Colorado, was created quite a few years ago and offers a huge assortment (over 80) of personalized, waterproof labels and decals for many trends and interests.
After speaking with Blair, a Production and Marketing Coordinator for KiDecals, I let them know we were more than happy to work with them and share their awesome products with our readers. Blair was super quick to respond and sent me all the information I needed to order my own set of customized, waterproof labels from KiDecals. After browsing the great website, which did take awhile because there were so many neat and fun options, I settled on my choice and got to ordering.
The customization and ordering process was very simple and quick. I stayed gender neutral so that the whole family could use the new labels, but there were some really amazingly cute boy and girl options out there. I completed my order and Blair emailed the next day to say they were done and shipped out-REALLY!?! Less than 24 hours and they were on their way to our mailbox and within another 48 hours I was pulling a KiDecal package from the box.
Our package from KiDecals is here! I love the packaging and colors. As the package says-Drum Roll Please...
Getting ready to open it up
 An extra nice touch, it is a sample of what is inside your package so you can see it before you even open it up.
I could already tell from just the exterior packaging that this company was fun and unique and couldn't wait to see what else was in store for me.
We went with the Rainbow Dots Everyday Set
 I like this set because it offers two separate sizes of labels, 12 two inch labels and 24 one inch labels for a total of 36 customized, waterproof labels. This set retails for $21 and are dishwasher, washing machine and dryer proof. They are water, heat and cold repellent so they’ll always hold up.
 Here are the one inch labels on our little fruit containers, the rainbow dots really stand out and look nice on the containers. They have also held up perfectly through the dishwasher a handful of times.
 Here is a two inch label on a large water bottle. I am hoping this will prevent us from losing another bottle until I can replace our Camelback.
Here are some quick facts about KiDecals from their FAQ section:
  • How do I apply my name labels and decals? Application is simple! Make sure your surface is clean and dry, peel your name labels carefully, smooth on, and rub into place. To remove, just simply peel off! For our kids wall decals, make sure newly painted walls have cured for at least two weeks. Peel and apply onto clean surfaces. Remove when desired, leaves no residue and won’t damage surfaces!

  • What are KiDECALS™ personalized name labels made of? Our wall decals are printed on a really cool new phthalate free (non PVC, BPA free), self-adhesive material (it’s actually a tightly woven fabric!) with ecosol inks. Our waterproof name labels are printed onto a really durable self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks.  I am constantly researching to find the best and greenest materials and printing processes available while trying to keep my kids name labels and decals affordable and local.
  • Do you paint all your own designs?Sure do! And all the graphic design too! Painting is my first love and I am happiest while creating! We now have several graphic designers on staff that have created new and awesome designs like these!
  • How do I make sure my decals won’t peel off? Are name labels waterproof?The adhesive on the Ikids wall decals is state of the art. Tiny capsules containing adhesive line the back of the decal. By rubbing, or burnishing, the decals into place you are actually breaking the capsules and releasing the adhesive. So the more you burnish, the more adhesive you release and the more aggressive the adhesive becomes (while still being removable)! A flexible straight edge (like a credit card) works really well for burnishing. Be careful while using a straight edge as to not scratch the surface or tear the edges of the decals. Placing the release liner on top of the decals and using a straight edge on top of the release liner is a good way to protect your decals while burnishing! For our name labels simply peel, stick, and rub into place. The adhesive is waterproof and highly aggressive, and will stay put through wash after wash. It is dishwasher safe and washing machine proof, yet removes easily when you are ready for a change!  All of our labels are laminated to make them the most durable labels on the market!
  • Are there any surfaces I shouldn’t put my name labels and decals on?Rough or stippled surfaces are more difficult and not recommended. Let newly painted walls cure for at least two weeks. All surfaces should be SUPER clean! Wipe surfaces clean with soap and water or an all natural spray cleaner and let dry thoroughly. Instant Murals™ look super cute on furniture too! Never put your decals where they could fall onto a sleeping child such as above a crib or bed.  Our personalized kid’s decals should not be eaten off of or put into your mouth and are not recommended for painted surfaces.
We are loving our KiDecals and labeling all of our containers that leave the house. I am hoping by using these customized labels, even things that get misplaced will find their way back home thanks to KiDecals.
Want It? Buy It!
 School might be almost over, but summer is just getting started. If your kids are heading off to camps, daycare, or ready to change the d├ęcor in the bedrooms, KiDecals has something for everyone. You can signup for their newsletter now and save 15% off your order and they always offer free shipping, so you have no excuses. Want to explore KiDecals a bit more, you can find them all over the Social Media scene- Like KiDecals on Facebook, Follow KiDecals on Twitter, Re-Pin KiDecals on Pinterest, or Read KiDecals Blog, you will be surprised at what all you can find!

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP reader will win one set (either an everyday or a mini set) of customizable name labels from KiDecals. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thank you to Blair and KiDecals for creating customized labels for us and offering one to a lucky MBP reader too!

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  1. My baby is starting at a new daycare. Would love to label his stuff.

  2. I would use them to label my daughters pool float and sand toys that we take to the beach.

  3. I would use these labels to label all of my daughter's things like a mad woman! Haha. She'll be in preschool sooner than I'd like to admit, and these would really come in handy.

  4. Who wouldn't need these! What a great idea!


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