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Hot Summer Savings & Lots of Style

We're gearing up for our family vacation- a week at Topsail Island on the NC coast, and as per usual, we're scrambling to pick up last minute items. Balian outgrew the swimsuit he wore just a five months ago when we cruised to Mexico and beyond. So, we needed to get him a rash guard or two.

My first thought was to go to one of my favorite stores, H & M, because we usually score some pretty great deals there for the whole family. Kids t's, shorts and swim essentials were on sale, and I scored a new dress for $12.95, and a cute cover-up for $4.95!

Here's my dress... cute and breezy for hot summer days.

I know that H & M stores aren't everywhere, but it you have one near you, it's worth checking out. I always find great deals there, and they even cater to those who may need plus sizes.

PS- I'm not affiliated with H & M in any way, nor is this a sponsored post. Just thought I'd share my cute weekend find!

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