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Fill Up Your Thermos Bottle Day: Review

 Happy Fill Your Thermos Bottle Day!!!!

 This national celebration and blog review is dedicated to the ultra famous Thermos bottle. 

Now, Im sure you all remember your Smurf and Transformer lunchboxes with the matching thermos, but our old school lunch boxes and thermoses have nothing on the new sleek designs that Thermos is producing these days!

On a side note, if you still remember your childhood lunchbox make sure you check out the Thermos “What does your lunchbox say about you?” page! My Ewok lunchbox says Im determined and I get along well with others, as well as I will be called upon to help a friend in trouble. 

We also had a Fraggle Rock lunchbox and that says the owner is quirky and likes to laugh, as well as its time for them to try something new.

 It may sound weird but those are both pretty accurate!!!

Thermos provided me with a super pretty lunch sack that works great because I take my lunch to work and a great vacuum insulated drink bottle that I have used literally every day since I received it. I am so grateful for my new Thermos products! I can’t get enough of them!

My insulated lunch sack is no Ewok lunchbox, but it fits my food perfectly and keeps its nice and cold. I also like it because it is a little smaller than my normal lunch boxes and that helps me pack less food, which helps me consume fewer calories.
Yummy lunch of apple sauce, fruit, yogurt, cheese, and my middle of the day necessity... caffeine!

Isn't it really pretty? I love the purple and gray!! 
My drink bottle just might be my favorite thing ever! I like coffee in the morning but I don’t take it to school because it always gets cold before I get a chance to sit down and enjoy it. I also don’t drink enough water during the day because it always gets warm and I like my water ice cold, I know I could use the water fountain but the germs on those things make me ill just thinking about them. Thanks to my Thermos bottle both of these drink dilemmas are dashed! I took coffee in my Thermos bottle the first day I had it, and I actually burned my tongue at lunch time when I sat down to eat! My coffee had stayed that hot for 5 hours! I was so amazed by how hot my coffee stayed, I had to test it to see how cold my water would stay so the next day I put some ice water in it and it stayed ice cold all day. This is the crazy part though; 8 hours after I had put the ice in the bottle, I came home from school and went to wash my bottle and there was still ice in it! Ice after 8+ hours, it’s a borderline miracle?!

I can't tell you how much I love this thing!!!

            Thermos has been making top of the line products since, get this, 1892 when Sir James Dewar, an Oxford University scientist, invented the "vacuum flask". In 1904 this “vacuum flask” was finally manufactured for commercial use and was named Thermos, from the Greek word “Therme” meaning heat, by a contest winner from Munich. The Thermos bottle became so wildly popular that everyone wanted one, it has even flown with Count Zepplin, and the Wright brothers! Through out the years Thermos changed their design using the latest technology and has come up with some interesting products from the Thermos Jumbo Jug to the first fully lithographed steel lunchbox featuring none other that Roy Rogers.  (The lunchbox sold 2,00,000 units its first year!) 

Today Thermos is a household name that has fully changed the way we think about hot and cold drinks! Check out some of theses rockin products from Thermos;

Cute purse? Nope! Its a 9 can cooler!!

Super neat coffee press! 

Hydration bottle that will keep your liquid cold for up to 12 hours!
Imagine how warm the fresh coffee at your potluck will stay in this Thermos Press Pot!

Super cute vacuum insulated leakproof food jar. Perfect for soups in your lunch!

I ADORE this vacuum insulated travel tumbler! 

Even baby can be a fan of Thermos! Check out this vacuum insulated soft spout sippy!
With their ever changing product line and durable products, Thermos is a company that will withstand the test of time. So, help lighten your carbon footprint a bit, pack a lunchbox and thermos, and take advantage of the cool...or hot... Fill Your Thermos Bottle Day! 

Want it? Buy it!

You can find the products mentioned in my review and many other Thermos products at a variety of stores near you. If you want a wider selection of Thermos products check out their website at www.thermos.com.

Want it? Win it! 

Thermos is sponsoring an independent giveaway through their Facebook page. If you would like to enter please visit their page at: https://www.facebook.com/Thermos/app_194975693850063

Speical thanks to Thermos for sponsoring this awesome review and celebration day!

 Fill up those Thermoses people!! 

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