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Due Maternity-Skin Lightener Review

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**Since we at MBP like to bring an assortment of things to our readers, it makes sense that we offer a range of pregnancy items right now. We searched around for some of the best maternity companies we could find and we have been blessed with some amazing products.** 

One fun part of pregnancy is the way your body changes, maybe fun isn't the best word, but it sure makes for some interesting days. My skin has really been interesting with baby #3, and by that I mean I have developed dark spots and freckles all over my arms and face. I had some pre-pregnancy but they have just exploded all over this time. Luckily, I have something I can use to lighten them up.

A few weeks back I did my first review for a company called Due Maternity, I promised our readers more of their great products, specifically their Bella B Skin Care line. You can click here to read my review of the Bella B Tummy Honey Butter. The time has come for review number two, the Bella B Glowing Skin Lightener.
 Due Maternity
Founded in 2003 and located in California, Due Maternity is all about fashion, comfort, and being proud of the growing and changing your body is going through. I worked with Kate, who offered me a selection of the Bella B Skin Care products offered by Due Maternity, which I will be reviewing over the next few weeks.

Bella B is a body care company founded in 1999. They specialize in mom and baby body care products that are natural and made with organic ingredients. All of their products are free of parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, harsh chemicals, and animal by products.
"The Bella B skin care line is designed to provide luxurious moisture for skin all over the body. The Bella B natural bodycare line includes a full range of stretch mark prevention and fading products, breastfeeding skin care and hair and face products for pregnant and nursing moms. Made with safe, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients to create products that are effective and pleasant to use. Bella B skin care products have no petroleum-based ingredients, mineral oil, lanolin or artificial preservatives."

Our Due Maternity Package arrived and was full of products to try out and share with our readers.
The second Bella B product for us to review
Bella B Glowing Skin Lightener

Bella B Glowing Skin Lightener is a lightening cream that prevents and reduces dark patches on the face. Its ingredients help to minimize melanin production that causes dark spots and patches. It is hypo-allergenic, offers a 25 SPF UV protection, and is also bleach, petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, and paraben free. It is available in a 2 ounce tube that retails for $10.

I love the packaging that Bella B uses. The yellow and black just makes you think of bees and summer and it really grabs your attention. The pregnant mommy bee on the Skin Lightener is so cute with her belly bump too!

The flip lid is simple to use and the lotion comes out smoothly when squeezed. The lotion has a nice, mild, soft scent that greets you and is not overwhelming. It is recommended to use two times a day, I have been using it once, it feels so calming on my skin and I have noticed my spots are lightening. I plan to keep using it after baby comes to lighten my spots as much as possible, especially being in the midst of summer.
Stay tuned for more reviews of Due Maternity Skin Care products!
Be on the lookout for the Bella B Bumble Bath and Mama Soak soon!
Want It? Buy It!
Looking for some Skin Lightener for your growing belly? Check out all of Due Maternity's Skin Care products. Due Maternity offers a huge assortment of things for expectant moms, go check them out. You can also LIKE Due Maternity on Facebook or Follow Due Maternity on Twitter for cute updates, photos, and more. Visit the Due Maternity Blog for even more articles on trends, ideas, and photos or find Due Maternity on Pinterest for more!

Thank you to Kate from Due Maternity for sharing the Skin Lightener with me, I love it!


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