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Due Maternity-Mama Soak Sitz Bath Review

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I am a total bath addict. I love to end a busy day, or any day, with a nice hot soak in our tub. This is my time to relax or read a book and is my "me" time. We have jets, which I normally don't use because I like to add little calming bubbles or bath powder in for some extra relaxation. I know with baby #3, my bath time will revert back to quick showers until he/she is a bit older, but if I do have time to take a bath, I will for sure be using my newest Due Maternity/Bella B product.

I have been working with Due Maternity and their Bella B Skin Care Line for a while and have reviewed two of their great products already. To read my review of the Bella B Tummy Honey Butter, click here. To read my review of the Bella B Glowing Skin Lightener, click here.

Due Maternity

Founded in 2003 and located in California, Due Maternity is all about fashion, comfort, and being proud of the growing and changing your body is going through. I worked with Kate, who offered me a selection of the Bella B Skin Care products offered by Due Maternity, which I will be reviewing over the next few weeks.

Bella B is a body care company founded in 1999. They specialize in mom and baby body care products that are natural and made with organic ingredients. All of their products are free of parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, harsh chemicals, and animal by-products.

"The Bella B skin care line is designed to provide luxurious moisture for skin all over the body. The Bella B natural body care line includes a full range of stretch mark prevention and fading products, breastfeeding skin care and hair and face products for pregnant and nursing moms. Made with safe, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients to create products that are effective and pleasant to use. Bella B skin care products have no petroleum-based ingredients, mineral oil, lanolin or artificial preservatives."

Our package was full of Bella B Skin Care products to review and share.

Our third Bella B Skin Care product

Bella B Mama Soak Refreshing Sitz Bath Powder

This 16 ounce jar is filled to the brim with a fresh, boutique style bath soak powder. It is made with organic ingredients to heal, reduce swelling and discomfort after childbirth, and refresh. It contains antioxidants for a foaming spa treatment and as always is hypoallergenic and paraben free. It retails for $16.

The container is packaged in Bella B's usual style, yellow and black with a pregnant Queen bee and some babies. Each side of the container has information about the product in great detail and ingredient lists.

The lid of the Bath Powder is a very simple screw top and be ready to smell an invigorating scent when you open it up. It has a small black scoop to use with the tiny yellow flakes for easy addition to the bath. It did take a few minutes to dissolve completely but warmer water seemed to do the trick. I have only used this a few times, because I am saving it for after baby comes, you can use this product immediately after giving birth (and we all know how painful that recovery can be, so why not make it a little more enjoyable) for comforting and soothing sore areas. In the few times I have used it, I have been very impressed with how refreshing and calming it is. I look forward to having something a little extra to welcome me home and help me heal a little faster while relaxing just a bit too.

Stay tuned for our last review of Due Maternity Skin Care products!
Be on the lookout for the Bella B Bumble Bath!

Want It? Buy It!

Looking for some Mama Soak to soothe and rejuvenate your body with natural bubble bath? Check out all of Due Maternity's Skin Care products. Due Maternity offers a huge assortment of things for expectant moms, go check them out. You can also LIKE Due Maternity on Facebook or Follow Due Maternity on Twitter for cute updates, photos, and more. Visit the Due Maternity Blog for even more articles on trends, ideas, and photos or find Due Maternity on Pinterest for more!
Thank you to Kate from Due Maternity for sharing the Mama Soak with me, I love it!


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