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Achieve Maximum Workout Results with #Zaggora (#Fitness Gear Review)

I am an active type of person. I don't like to be sedentary for too long, and have trouble just sitting around to relax. I used to love speed walking and even light jogging, but a knee injury prevents me from being able to jog much these days. I'm a work at home mom, and between working, phone calls, cleaning and chasing after my son, mixed with running errands and volunteer responsibilities, I don't sit down a whole lot. I feel lucky if I can squeeze a twenty minute workout into my daily schedule. Thankfully, I've found a way to burn extra calories, just by going about my normal day to day business, with Zaggora.

I was first introduced to Zaggora, an innovative fitness apparel brand, based in the UK, a little over a year ago. I was among a group of folks who received an opportunity to test Zaggora's 'Hot Pants.' Zaggora is revolutionizing the way we achieve maximum results from our workouts, simply by changing our active wear. I was sent a new pair of Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 Medium to try out, and with just two week to go until our beach vacation, the timing couldn't have been better!

My Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 and a handy User Guide

Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0, Medium Length in a size small

Okay, so I know you're reading this, and thinking, 'They look like regular workout shorts. What's the big deal?' The big deal is the technology behind Zaggora. What makes Zaggora apparel so unique, is their inner layer, featuring the patent-pending Celu-Lite Technology. Zaggora's use of multi-layered fabric is out of this world clever! This smart fabric technology harnesses the body's natural heat during workouts to help you burn more calories.

zaggora how it works

It's simple, really... you put on the hot pants, the fabric increases your body temperature when you're exercising, which helps you burn more calories. In turn, you see maximum results every time you work out!
I couldn't wait to give these new Hot Pants 2.0, Medium a try. These are mid-length, so they're not shorts, but they're not quite capris, either... they're in between.

I slipped into my Zaggora Hot Pants the very afternoon they arrived at my house. I wanted to do my Pilates workout with them on, to see if it made a difference, or if I should just stick to my regular yoga pants. Right away, I felt my body temperature increase, just from putting on the Hot Pants and moving around, getting my mat set up. The Hot Pants are tight-fitting (and for good reason), but I felt that it was actually much easier for me to do my floor exercises in tight fitting pants, than yoga pants that were looser-fitting through the calves.

Me, getting my Pilates workout on, in my Zaggora Hot Pants...

I was sweating about five minutes into my routine, which is definitely saying something, because I don't normally sweat much when I do Pilates. The exercises were more challenging, and I really felt like I worked out, rather than just did some toning exercises. I have also been wearing my Hot Pants every time I go walking in our neighborhood. I even wear my Hot Pants around the house one or two days a week, because they help me burn more calories when I'm doing things like vacuuming and mopping the floors, doing the dishes, tackling laundry, doing yard work, and playing superheroes with my son.

How do you know these pants are working? Well, for me, I know they're doing their job when I take them off. They're moist from perspiration, and so are my undergarments... actually, they're more soaked with sweat than they are just sort of moist, truth be told. The other thing that I like about wearing my Hot Pants, is that I see a noticeable difference in the back of my thighs after I've worked out. Yeah, that's right- I mean that  I'm kissing cellulite goodbye! Zaggora Hot Pants has helped smooth out my skin across my tummy, my rear and through my thighs. That's something to be excited about, right ladies?

Happy momma after doing Pilates with my little B...

I wish that I had known about Zaggora shortly after the birth of my son. It would have been great to wear these around the house those first few months after his birth, to help me burn even more calories, just by caring for my newborn in our day to day routine! I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to bump up their workouts, without having to change their routine, anyone who is wanting or needing a little extra boost for their weight loss journey, or for anyone who just wants to get into shape without having to go to extremes.

Zaggora has other great products, too! I would love to add these to my Zaggora collection...

Black Hot Top

Viva Capri, Blue

The Slouchy

Svelt Melt

Don't change your diet, or your routine... change your clothes! Zaggora has definitely made a big difference in my personal workout results, and I may never exercise in anything but Zaggora active wear again!


Want It? Buy It!

If you're interested in learning more about the science and technology behind Zaggora, go here. To purchase some Zaggora gear of your very own, head to the Zaggora website. If you're curious, go ahead and take the two week Zaggora challenge... I guarantee you'll love your results! Want to be a Zaggora ambassador, like me? Learn more about how you can share your love for Zaggora, here. Zaggora is social on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to connect with them to stay up to date on the latest news and products!

Special thanks to Zaggora for allowing me to try out these wonderful Hot Pants and share about my experience!

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